How to Get Quality Leads From Your Auto Dealer Website

18 September 2019

The biggest pain point that auto dealers report in digital marketing is lead qualification. Most car dealerships capture leads from their auto dealer website and nurture them in order to drive sales figures up. However, all those auto dealership leads that are actually good are also usually mixed with huge numbers of irrelevant ones.

In this article, we will give you effective ideas on how you can obtain high quality leads from your car dealer website.

Good Leads and Not-so-Good Leads

Without being able to distinguish between good leads and duds, members of your sales and marketing teams could end up spending many valuable hours and resources in qualifying leads.

In addition to obtaining vital contact information, a good lead capture automation system also gives car dealers and their sales teams valuable insights into the leads captured on the website.

For every lead captured through the website of your auto dealership, you will be provided with information about how much time this person has spent on your website, how often they visit, which pages they spend longer durations on, and the amount of time spent looking at a particular car in your auto dealership’s inventory.

How Data Analytics Helps

Apart from highlighting leads that matter to your auto dealership, it will also help you prioritize your correspondence according to urgency and give you some sort of indication how to frame your conversation.

Real World Applications

For instance, if a particular lead has viewed your used car pages quite a few times, you will immediately get to know that they are interested and possibly serious about purchasing one.

With this information in hand, your auto dealership sales staff can come up with an attractive offer. The offer can be designed in such a way that it does not cut into your dealership’s profit margin, but still gives the prospect the motivation to convert and purchase the vehicle from your auto dealership instead of going to a competitor. The same can be applied in case of new car sales, service packages, automotive financing and insurance, accessory sales, and so on.

For more information on obtaining the best leads from your auto dealership’s website, Contact Us.

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