Skills that Automotive SEO Professionals Need to Succeed

24 September 2019

If you want to improve your car dealership sales from your auto dealer website without spending money on ads, then you need to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this article, we’ve listed out a few important skills that a professional in the field of automotive SEO should possess in order to help you do that.

1. The Mind of a Researcher

SEO requires a lot of research to stay on top of current trends. Even to optimize your car dealer website, research on locally relevant keywords and competitor strategies are essential.

2. Strong Communication Skills

Communication plays an important role within the dealership as well as outside. Within the dealership, SEO professionals need to communicate with the team about planning and running SEO strategies, in close collaboration with the dealer sales team. Outside of the dealership, they need to create content that is relevant and compelling to your prospects.

3. High Quality Creative Writing

To create strategic SEO content, SEO need to pocess creative writing skills that can blend in top trending keywords and compel readers to send leads.

If SEO professionals are good at both keyword research and generating creative content, then their efforts will create more value for the dealership.

4.Quick Learner

To become a top notch automotive SEO experts, SEO professionals need to be a fast learners, since technology is constantly evolving. The tools and resources being used change frequently, and continuous learning is what will enable them to stay on top of all this.

5.Technical and Basic Programming Skills
As SEO experts they need to have at least basic technical know-how about stuff like page speed, HTML tags, XML, micro-data tagging, server side redirects, and so on. These are important to know, since they will have to discuss it in detail with web developers.

Simple tasks like updating anchor text, backlinks, etc. can be done by them without any assistance from the technical team, as well.

6.MS Excel Expertise

The plain old Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool to run SEO tasks for your car dealer website. It is useful at Vlookups, IF statements, and Concatenates, and so on, as they are required by all skilled SEO experts.

The analytical data for your car dealer website can be downloaded onto an excel spreadsheet in order to further analyze and optimize your SEO framework.

7.Data Analytics Skills

SEO strategy and optimization depend on analytics and automotive SEO experts should be able to pull the data on their own. More importantly, they are also expected to have the ability to interpret and understand what the data says in order to make it actionable.

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