Great YouTube Marketing Ideas for Your Car Dealer Website

09 September 2019

With billions of people watching YouTube videos every day, it’s no surprise that video has become the key to an exceptional digital marketing strategy. Videos engage your customers, get them excited about your car dealer website, and persuade them to choose your auto dealership over the competition.

Studies have shown that videos increase conversion from landing pages by over 80%.  So if you’re not already using video, it certainly is high time to make a start!

In this article, we give you a few helpful pointers that can kick start the video marketing initiatives for your auto dealership.

1. Vehicle Spotlights

Whenever a new car is launched, there is generally a spike in interest surrounding that vehicle. If your dealership stocks that particular brand, this is a huge opportunity to capitalize in terms of video marketing.

Create videos where your auto dealership marketing staff explains the features, UVP (unique value proposition) and advantages of the vehicle. Showcase the special highlights of the vehicle. These videos need not be expensive, professionally produced videos either.

It can be informally presented and made using easily available equipment, such as smartphones, and that doesn’t put a dent in your bank account. Giving customers valuable information about such cars can help them in their new car research and, more often than not, these customers will turn to your auto dealership when the time comes to actually pay up and make the purchase.

2. Post "How to” Videos

"How to” videos are one of the guaranteed ways of getting better viewership for the YouTube profile of your car dealer website. By showing car owners how to perform simple tasks at home, these videos increase the trust viewers place in your auto dealership. In time, that will undoubtedly drive more leads as well, who can in turn be converted into paying customers.

The videos can be of straightforward tasks that don’t void the vehicle’s warranty, such as "how to change the engine oil of your car” or "how to replace your car’s faulty battery at home.”

Putting up videos such as the ones mentioned here can really pay off for your car dealer website in the long run. This is because these videos can be targeted at anyone who has a likelihood of turning to your auto dealership for support, and not just those who are looking around for a new car to purchase.

3. Videos of Events

It is always a good idea to show the human side of your car dealership as well. Publish videos related to your community outreach programs. These videos can be about charity events, or even events at your premises.

Such videos send out a feel good factor that usually has an impact on a large section of viewers.

4. Comparison Videos

Another brilliant way of increasing the traffic to the YouTube channel of your car dealer website is by putting up videos where you compare multiple models that are rivals in the same price range.

For pretty much any given price bracket, there will be more than one vehicle available. Give your viewers a thorough lowdown of the features, advantages, disadvantages and so on of competing vehicles, in order to help them make a well informed decision and buy the vehicle that fits their needs the best.

For more information on new YouTube marketing strategies for your car dealer website, Contact Us.

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