Is There a Best Time For Your Car Dealer Website to Post on Facebook?

13 September 2019

This question has been asked by social media managers ever since Facebook came into prominence - when is the best time to publish a post on Facebook? Many people and companies have carried out numerous studies to figure out the most ideal time to do it. Advances in technologies like big data have made it more accurate as well.

Using machine learning, a page can be automatically watched for a while in order to figure out when the posts published on it receive the highest reach and engagement. Additionally, there are even tools that help users figure out the best Facebook publishing time by themselves.

Your Auto Dealership’s Social Data Holds the Key

While looking at the results of studies are useful, it is generally more effective to comb through the data of the Facebook page of your own car dealer website and determine when your followers are the most active.

Facebook itself actually supplies extremely helpful data about your audience and when you are most likely to reach them through Facebook Insights. All business pages have access to it, and the engagement levels of your posts can be monitored with Insights.

Use Split Tests for Improved Accuracy

Sometimes, you have to revert to the basics and in the case of auto dealership Facebook marketing, it means using good old-fashioned A/B testing. Over the period of a couple of months, upload a wide variety of content at different times, and regularly check to see whether the results are good or not.

A/B testing, when performed with information from Facebook Insights, can help in obtaining the best time for your car dealer website to publish Facebook posts.

What Are Your Expectations?

In fact, the "best time” depends on what exactly you expect from your posts. Some car dealer websites look for the time when the most number of people are active on Facebook, and others try to publish posts when their followers are most likely to engage with them. Research has shown that usually the best time frame to post on Facebook lies between noon and 4 PM, especially towards the end of the week. However, there also exist other studies that point out different time periods where the engagement rates are seen to be the highest.

All in all, it is generally agreed upon that uploading Facebook posts in the latter half of the week and in the later part of the day could yield the best results in terms of engagement.

Use Google Analytics as a Pointer

While your car dealer website is probably already using Google Analytics to keep tabs on data regarding site traffic and other similar parameters, the interesting thing is that it can additionally help in tracking your social media performance as well. It is also possible to view when Facebook has directed traffic to your car dealer website.

However, this type of analysis becomes relevant only when looking at the clicks to your website. By following these methods, you will find patterns that reveal the best time to post on Facebook.

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