Connecting Your Car Dealer Website with Local Businesses Using LinkedIn

11 September 2019

If you own a car dealership, it makes a lot of sense to reach out to small business units in your area and offer your services to their staff. In the digitally connected world of today, an easy way of getting that done is by using the ad services of LinkedIn.

There are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with LinkedIn ad campaigns that are designed to specifically target small businesses.

1. Use Exclusions to Filter Data

Instead of building a target audience of companies that you want to reach only by looking at their employee sizes, why not approach the issue from a different angle? Build your target audience by excluding, based on employee numbers, all the companies that you don’t want to reach.

For example, if you want to reach out only to companies that have 50 or lesser employees, use broad exclusions to filter out businesses that have over 51 employees. By using the exclude option when filtering out businesses, you will have access to a noticeably larger section of the audience than what you get if you use the include filter.

Company size filters are very nifty tools that will help you reach exactly the sort of businesses that you want, and they are used extensively in marketing initiatives as an easy way to generate the ideal sort of leads.

If the ideal target audience of your auto business is made up of small and medium-sized companies, and your firm markets to them via LinkedIn advertising, the tips mentioned in this article will make many more potential prospects visible to you straightaway while lowering the amount of competition your firm faced before using these ideas.

2. Using the Company Size Filter

When using LinkedIn to publish ads online, one of the most useful targeting filters that this social network has built in is the company size filter. Marketing professionals of your company can use the LinkedIn company size filter to target only those companies that have the highest possibility to purchase a product or service of your auto business. This likeliness can be estimated by using the size of the company in relation to how much your product or service costs. Cost is a serious consideration for businesses, especially those that are small or medium in size. For example, a small company is more likely to buy a service that will set them back by $1000 every month than a $3,000 program.

3. It Works Both as a Public Announcement & as a Personalized Letter

This is one of the absolute best features of LinkedIn for an auto dealership owner such as yourself. While a LinkedIn post can be seen by whoever follows the profile of your car dealer website, it can also be sent as a message to specific individuals as well.

Sending messages individually, in a lot of cases, works better and is more effective than publishing a regular post since the former is far less likely to be overlooked.

4. Potential Problems

As with all online car marketing strategies, there are problems with using the company size filter for LinkedIn ad targeting purposes as well.

Firstly, not all companies with 50 employees or fewer actually set up a proper business profile on LinkedIn, despite their employees having their own profiles on the network.

Second, while companies do create company pages, many of them leave out information that may be important for you when performing targeting using company size.

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