Prospecting Quality Leads for Your Auto Dealership on LinkedIn

06 September 2019

As an automotive dealership owner, you definitely know the importance of maintaining your presence on professional social networks such as LinkedIn. However, all the marketing efforts you take up for your car dealer website on LinkedIn will not translate into results if you don’t find the right sort of leads to target.

In this article, we will try to help you out with how to prospect on LinkedIn for exactly the sort of leads you need to help your car dealership reach greater heights.

First Things First

Before your auto dealership can communicate with your LinkedIn connections to convert them to customers, its LinkedIn summary needs the right positioning. As potential customers read the summary, you want them to feel like their priorities are understood and that your vehicle dealership can help them get what they desire.

They need to be confident in the skills and expertise of your dealership, in order to help them achieve results. They want to see that you’ve done it before. The LinkedIn summary of your dealership should include a simple introduction, a concise synopsis of your experience and what you currently do, and a call to action (CTA) at the end.

Getting What You Need

The LinkedIn company size filter is useful when deciding whether the LinkedIn ad of your car dealer website should be seen by employees at large multinational conglomerates, small start-ups or companies that fall in between.

Using the company name filter, you can put together a list of the top 10, top 50 or top 100 companies that you think deserves extra attention from your dealership and customize the ad campaign specifically for that purpose.

Show Off Your Expertise

When sharing content on the LinkedIn page of your auto dealership, it is always a good idea to stay on the topics for which you want your showroom to be known. The content you put up will need to clearly express to your audience that you have excellent subject knowledge and are an expert in the field. If you can demonstrate to your LinkedIn connections that you have a grasp of their challenges, you can then explain how your car dealer website can help them overcome their problems.

The content that is put up on the LinkedIn profile of your auto dealership must be accompanied with top quality images as well, which can be obtained from izmo.

LinkedIn conversation starters are a very easy and effective method of boosting the levels of engagement and interaction among your followers and building more interest in the profile of your own auto dealership.

Keep an Eye Out for Special Occasions

It is a fact that people like to be acknowledged and made to feel good about themselves. You can use the LinkedIn page of your car dealer website to reach out to your connections on their special occasions. These occasions are great opportunities to communicate with them and build up a rapport. The news feed of LinkedIn profiles provide notifications when one of your connections takes on a new position, moves into a new company, or is celebrating their birthday or a career milestone.

LinkedIn by default provides a message for these occasions, but we recommend that you take the time to send out a more personalized one. This way, customers feel that you’ve done that little extra bit to give your message that human touch. 

Using these pointers in combination with other methods will improve your auto dealership’s chances of getting better leads on LinkedIn and converting them eventually into your paying clients.

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