Nine Effective Content Marketing Tricks to Increase Your Car Sales

25 September 2017

Nine Effective Content Marketing Tricks to Increase Your Car Sales


For car dealers, content marketing is the cornerstone of their organic online marketing roadmap. A balanced content marketing strategy delivers sustained results.

Here’s how you can do it.

Content Marketing Trick 1: Emotions Play a Vital Role

You can evoke emotions by creating content around the car buyers’ pain-points, deepest beliefs, and feelings. This content strategy works well if you can also provide solutions for customer pain-points. 

Content that touches on emotions is far more powerful than content written in sales lingo.

Content Marketing Trick 2: A/B Test Your Titles

Titles are what readers look out for before getting into the details of your content. It is also directly related to increased conversion rates. Your title needs to be catchy before more prospects can be persuaded to read, engage, and share more, leading to conversions. Naturally, A/B testing is a highly recommended thing to do.

Content Marketing Trick 3: In-depth Content Almost Always Works

You are already aware that in-depth content works well in boosting your search engine ranking. It is also true that in-depth content is responsible for generating up to 9 times more leads. 

The more depth you provide in your content, the more authoritative will it be to your readers.  

Content Marketing Trick 4: Follow Current Trends

Trending topics are consumed by prospects like hot cakes. Prospective car buyers are always looking out for trending topics and news pertaining to car features, pricing, offers, and more.

Researching trending topics and latching on to them while creating car dealer website content will drive more leads and car dealer showroom walk-ins.

Content Marketing Trick 5: Create List Posts

Posts with a specific number of things listed can help in simplifying complicated information and naturally, they connect better with your prospects. 

A list also enhances engagement, makes people interested in your post, and compels them to take action, which leads to better conversion rates. 

Content Marketing Trick 6: What Comes Next?

To draw customers’ attention, it is best to let them know the takeaways of your content. 

With an interesting beginning, tease them with a hint of the content in the post that follows. This encourages your readers to read the full article.   

Content Marketing Trick 7: Include Video and Images

Visual content is far more effective than text-heavy articles. Combine video, images, and text in your articles for best results. 

Use simple and, preferably, customized images to boost your lead conversions. 

Content Marketing Trick 8: Generate Urgency

Either at the start or at the end, include some urgency factors as they tend to improve sales by up to 300 percent! You can create urgency by providing:

  • Limited newsletter downloading option
  • Countdown time for availing a product/service
  • Limited time for gaining rebates, deals, offers, etc.

Content Marketing Trick 9: Make Use of Social Proof

It is human psychology to like what other people likes. People usually trust the opinion of others. That’s why social proof is a good gambit for increasing your conversion rate. 

For instance, include positive customer reviews about your car dealership in posts related to new vehicle arrivals, specials, and more. 

For more effective content tricks to boost your car sales, Click Here.


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