7 Reasons Why Facebook is the Best Friend of Car Dealerships

19 September 2017


With 2.01 billion monthly and 1.15 billion mobile daily active users, Facebook is the best way to build a lively conversation with your local community and aggressively promote your car dealership.

Here are seven strong reasons why Facebook is your best friend and ally in promoting your car dealership.

Reason 1: Huge Audience

Facebook has over 1.15 billion mobile daily users, spending quality time. You cannot ignore this huge percentage of potential customers that can be targeted on this platform.

Reason 2: Time Spent on Facebook

It is estimated that people are spending over 1.75 hours per day on social media platforms. In the U.S., each individual spends a minimum of 40 minutes on Facebook – posting comments, likes, photos and status updates. But, there are only 2 million active advertisers. Take this opportunity to engage with your prospects and market your vehicles and services.

Reason 3: Improve your SEO Ranking

Facebook marketing plus your SEO strategy will improve your online presence.

You can use Facebook to drive online traffic by posting links to your car dealer website. If you are sharing a post that is back linked to your website, then people who engage with your post are likely to visit the link and land on your website.

A strong Facebook page improves Google search result as well, since the social media sites are also a Google ranking factor.

Reason 4: Targeting Through Facebook Ads

Organic methods alone may not provide the immediate revenue that you seek. Paid marketing also helps to bridge the gap. On Facebook, you can target specific audience, location, demographics, interest, etc. This kind of targeting along with engaging campaign content will help in pushing up your sales.

Reason 5: Managing Facebook Ads is Easy

Managing your Facebook Ads is quite simple and easy. There are quite a few good tools to create and manage your ads with ease. A few of these tools include Facebook Ads iOS App, Qwaya, KISSmetrics, etc.

To make your campaign effective and profitable, it’s worth investing in these tools.

Reason 6: Boost Your Conversion Rate

With paid Facebook ads, you will see improved results. Since the audience is highly filtered, there are higher chances of leads getting converted into potential customers.

You can also tag your visitors with a cookie, which will build the remarketing audience. Later, you may apply even narrower filters and re-target those particular audiences.

Reason 7: Remarketing is Powerful

It is a huge loss of opportunity and dollars if you are not running remarketing campaigns. The idea is to persistently follow up with prospects who have already visited your website, with highly targeted ads. Remarketing has the potential to increase your sales by 2x.

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