5 Car Sales Follow-up Tips Using Email and Text

15 September 2017

In the automotive industry, following up is what will make you different from your competitors. It may take up to 18 meticulous follow-up attempts before you can get a perfectly valid lead to walk-in for a test drive. If you want better conversions and customer retention, don’t skip the essentials of the follow-up process.

Email and text messages are quite effective when it comes to following up with your leads. However, follow-up emails and texts have to be created with a level of personalization that vibes with your lead.

Here are some follow-up tips to nurture your leads and drive car sales.

Tip 1: Create Content According to the Platform

Whether you are following up with email or text, content has to be short but effective. It should keep your prospects engaged and it should compel them to take action. In text messages, you will have limited characters to be creative, but that is not the case with email. Remember to keep your email messages short and crisp, and never send one without an offer.

Always add a call-to-action button in your email and click-to-call links in the text messages.

Tip 2: Keep a Track of the Hours

If a customer is already in conversation with you through text, you need not worry about the texting time. But, be sure to keep your communication time within professional hours (9am to 6pm). With email, you can be more flexible, since prospects can choose to check email at their own time.

Tip 3: You may Choose More than One Way

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to send either a text or an email only. Sometimes, it may happen that your marketing strategy demands both text and email.

Feel free to use both.

Tip 4: Focus on Your Creativity

Creativity always works, in every business and marketing plan. Engage your audience and keep your messages bright, you can even use emojis, once you have built familiarity with your lead. These will make your texts and emails sound casual and personal.

For instance, in emails, you can include emojis in your follow-up email’s subject line, which will grab the attention of your prospects easily. If emojis are used in texts, it makes the text appear less of a sales pitch and more human and conversational.

Smileys and automotive emojis are suitable for your auto dealership, but don’t overuse them.

Tip 5: Don’t Hesitate to Share Interesting Content

Don’t stop at just selling a test drive or a showroom walk in. Share interesting information. At the end of your follow-up email, you can always add a link to blogs and articles that may interest your customer. If your prospect mentioned a favorite snack, why not share a recipe in your next email? Your prospects will notice that you focus more on them rather than just pushing a sales, and that almost certainly results in a showroom visit.

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