7 YouTube SEO Tips to Sell More Cars

13 September 2017

With more than 100 hours of video being uploaded every single minute, YouTube is a powerful social media video platform that can be a great source of traffic for your car dealer website – provided you understand YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Here are 7 YouTube SEO tips that can help your car dealership videos rank higher, drive more traffic to your auto dealer website, and sell more cars.

01. Longer the Video, Higher the SEO Ranking

On YouTube, videos that appear on the first page have an average length of 15 minutes. If the viewers watch a particular video for a longer amount of time, then its ranking also goes up.

If the video shows more details and information about the product, it will result in higher ranking.

02: Video Comments Matter

If a particular YouTube video receives more comments than others, then it indicates that that specific video is more engaging. User engagement is one of the most important YouTube SEO ranking factors.

Here is a clever tip to increase your YouTube video comments. Ask questions to your viewers in the video, and direct them to post answers in the comments section.

03: Video Shares are Noteworthy

Like video comments, video shares also indicate greater user engagement.

YouTube shares are independent of Google algorithms. YouTube shares, users who share the video and the locations where they share are tracked separately.

More shares boosts the video’s ranking as well.

04: More the Video View Count, Higher the Ranking

Earlier, video views were the most important factor when it comes to higher rankings. But now, it has changed to the engagement and audience retention. Nevertheless, video views still have a significant role to play in YouTube SEO. The reason being that without video views, the previously mentioned factors can’t be evaluated accurately.

05. Video Likes = Video Ranking

On any social media platform, more likes mean more engagement. The catch is, you get more likes only if there are more views. As we discussed earlier, more views are directly related to higher video ranking. High-quality and engaging videos usually deliver more likes.

06. High-definition Video on First Page of YouTube

High-definition (HD) videos are more likely to appear on the first page of YouTube. The reason is that YouTube prefers HD over standard definition (SD) videos, which are of poorer quality.

Now that internet bandwidths are steadily increasing, viewers also prefer to watch HD videos.

07. Keyword-optimized Titles are Less Significant

Keywords always have a significant role in SEO. However, with respect to YouTube video titles, it is less significant than the other previously mentioned factors. More importantly, ensure your videos are:

  • Engaging
  • High Definition (HD)
  • Can retain your viewers

There are many instances where even keyword synonyms would do the job and result in higher rankings of videos. With the use of targeted keywords, you can rank for specific terms and drive traffic to your auto dealership website.

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