Do it now! 18 digital marketing tips for your dealership

22 September 2017

Here are 18 Digital marketing basics which need your immediate attention.

Website Tips

1. Mobile-friendly website: With the number of your mobile users skyrocketing, it’s imperative to make your car dealer website mobile-friendly and responsive – you would be losing a lot of opportunities if you don’t take immediate action.

2. Metadata optimization: Research and use appropriate keywords in your website’s title tags, meta tags, description, alt text, and more. These will positively impact your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

3. Content Marketing: Content marketing always delivers great results. So, go on and add at least 500 words of relevant content to all of your website pages. This will boost your SEO ranking, leading to increased customers.

4. Local SEO: Optimize your auto dealer website for local prospects, with geo-targeted keywords. Keeping your local address and contact information updated will help you drive traffic from your neighborhood.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

5. Blog regularly: Blog regularly and include a share button that visitors can use to share your blog post on their social media platforms. Social sharing helps to improve your search engine ranking.

6. Repurpose your blogs: Repurpose your blog posts into engaging Q&As and infographics, to generate additional views and shares.

7. Optimize your business listing pages: Include your dealerships’ name, address, location, contact details, and opening hours on your business listing pages like Google+ local page, Yelp, etc. for better search ranking.

8. Positive reviews: Request positive reviews from customers and publish these reviews on your website. This will help in higher ranking as well as more showroom visits.

9. Image Alt Text: Use targeted keywords in your image name, alt text, or caption that will boost the SEO of your images.

Social Media Tips

10. Don’t make mistakes: ‘Think before you act’ - always thoroughly review your posts before publishing them.

11. Social media policy: Implement a social media policy that will prevent your employees from sharing confidential information

12. Trending hashtags: Check for the origin of trending hashtags before you use them in your posts as they can also bring down your SEO ranking.

13. Brand alerts: Set up Google alerts to include alerts that mention your brand in comments and messages. This way you can respond immediately to conversations that affect your dealership.

Search Advertising Tips

14. Optimized URL: Make sure that the URL in your search ad is related to your car dealership brand, product, or service.

15. Targeted keywords: Use targeted keywords in your ads’ headline and description

16. Call-to-action:Have an effective call-to-action that persuades your customers to take immediate action. Also, include tracking number system for click-to-call action.

17. Business name: Avoid wasting your character count by using your car dealership’s name in the ad text, since it would already be present in the URL.

18. Abbreviations: Don’t use uncommon abbreviations in your ads

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