Is your auto dealer website answering all the right customer questions?

05 July 2017

Six out of ten prospective car buyers enter the market unsure of which car to but, says the Google micro moment study for automotive brands.

The Google study has also outlined five critical micro-moments which have a huge impact on the choices that consumers ultimately make.

1.Which car is best?

2.Is it right for me?

3.Can I afford it?

4.Where should I buy?

5.Am I getting a deal?

Auto dealer websites which answer these questions well when their prospects Google for answers during their car buying journey are likely to drive a disproportionately larger share of car sales, while others struggle to meet targets.

Is your auto dealer website equipped to answer these questions?

Question 1: Which car is best? IMPORTANT

This is a question that starts off the customer journey in the first place, and in fact, six out of ten prospects search for an answer on their mobiles. Most customers do this research on car portals and OEM websites.

To capture customers early on in the customer journey, your website needs reviews not only of your brand, but others too. A creative mix of customer reviews on your website, especially video reviews, may be able to answer this question well.

Question 2: Is it right for me? IMPORTANT

At this stage, dealer websites need to match vehicles to lifestyles. Are your promotions matching cars to customers and driving home the compatibility factor?

Given the fact that customers on average visit the dealership just twice to buy a car, this is a question which needs to be answered online, on your mobile friendly responsive website.

How can you accomplish it on your website? Use customer reviews and dealer promos to answer the question.

Question 3: Can I afford it? CRITICAL!

With 70% of searches about MSRP and list prices of vehicles happening on mobile, this is also a question increasingly settled online, before prospects visit a dealership.

Few customers can afford to buy vehicles without planning for the pay outs. Is your auto dealer website providing the right answers with finance specials?

Question 4: Where should I buy? RED ALERT!

This is the all-important question. You can skip the first three questions and still make good sales if you answer this one convincingly.

Remember, one in three car shoppers use their mobiles to locate or call a dealer, so your responsive, mobile friendly website needs to show up on top of search results when customers ask this all important question.

Question 5: Am I getting a deal? CRITICAL!

Your prospect might be sitting right in front of you, but she is still using her mobile to check if you are offering her the best possible deal! Even at this moment, it is critical that your dealership shows up online, with attractive answers.

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