Google for Jobs and other Google Announcements in July 2017

25 July 2017


Google is continuously testing and launching new features to improve user experience. Here are a few major updated Google announcements in the month of July 2017.

Announcement 1: Make Use of ‘Google for Jobs’

Google for Jobs helps both employers and job seekers. If you search for a job on Google Search, a job listing preview is displayed. Each of these jobs can be expanded for viewing comprehensive details.  

Employers have more to gain through this feature as it appears during particular job searches related to their specific location, job title, and job description. After going through these, applicants who fit exactly into this category can apply for the job, thereby making for higher click-through rates (CTRs).

Here’s the preview of ‘Google for jobs’ feature.

Announcement 2: Click the "Follow” Button in Search Results

Google has introduced a ‘Follow’ button to specifically follow your topic of interest. If you search for any topics such as sports, TV shows, movies, etc., then a ‘Follow’ button appears for following that topic. Also, updated information about the selected topic along with the trending stories around the globe is displayed.

Your interests across various topics will be analyzed and measured by Google to provide the feed of your interest. In case Google happens to be inaccurate, you can immediately tap on the ‘Unfollow’ button. 

Here’s the preview of the ‘Follow’ button feature.

Announcement 3: Tap on the Tags to Critic on the Movies

Google is in the testing phase of this new feature of assigning tags for a particular movie to provide more information during search results. Only a few searchers are receiving this notification to critique a movie. Interesting tags include Strong Acting, Gripping, Powerful Visuals, Unconvincing, etc.

With this ‘Vote for tags’ feature, you now have more information before you decide to watch the movie or not.

Here’s a preview of the ‘Vote for tags’ feature.

Announcement 4: Search for a Food Image on Google & Enjoy its Video and Recipe

For any image search related to food on Google, it shows either a video or its recipe within the search results. 

Here’s the preview of the ‘Recipe’ feature.

Looking out for more information on these Google updates? Click Here.

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