Auditing the SEO Essentials of your Auto dealer website

03 July 2017

One of the very first steps that you need to take when revamping your auto dealer website is to do an SEO audit.

From auto dealers to nationwide dealer groups, search visibility is the top priority of any organic online marketing effort. If your auto dealer website is not visible to prospective customers on Google when they search for new or used cars, service, F&I, accessories, trade-ins, and more, then it is practically dead.

Only an SEO website audit can give you a full 360 degree view of your website status. Once this evaluation is complete you will no longer be groping in the dark. With the numbers to show you precisely where you are, you will be able to plan what exactly needs to be done to improve your website performance and web marketing reach.

Why Are Auto Dealer Website SEO Audits Performed?

SEO audits are like full body scans – they pinpoint hidden vulnerabilities and lurking dangers in your web marketing ecosystem. You can clearly see why your auto dealer website is not performing as well as it should. You will also know what is working well, and how you can improve in areas where you have hidden business potential.

This information is essential when you work towards improving the overall state of your website, which also happens to be your online marketing flagship.

Start From the Basics

It would be unwise to assume that your marketing staff would have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of search engine optimization.

For this reason, it may work better for you to sign up with a cost-effective web marketing partner with an outstanding track record in your field – be it auto dealerships, or nation-wide dealer groups.

Know What to Do

The SEO audit report will give you a clear picture of your auto dealer website’s current state. This will enable you to chart out a roadmap and an action plan on how to set about improving website’s SEO.

It’s All About the Traffic

Each auto dealer will have a unique marketing plan for their dealership. If organic traffic is given prime importance, flag that in your web audit report. Also, don’t forget the source section as it will give you much-needed information about the sources of your website traffic. You will also need to know which sections of your auto dealer website are the most popular, and importantly, delivering the highest ROI.

With this knowledge, plan further steps to improve organic traffic coming to your auto dealer website. The traffic coming in to the website should deliver a healthy conversion rate, which is another key factor that determines a website’s SEO performance.

Keep a Close Watch on Your Rivals

This holds true in virtually every aspect of business. A rival auto dealer’s website may suddenly see a spurt in traffic, conversions, or some other factors.

Analyze and try to figure out the reason why. While it’s true that what works for one website need not necessarily work for another, you may come across marketing tactics that may be worth emulating or improving.

Link Building

This is unanimously agreed by online marketing professionals as one of the most tedious processes in online maintenance, not to mention that it consumes a good chunk of your marketing budget as well.

In addition to building new backlinks, keep an eye on your older ones to ensure that they are still active and haven’t weakened or died. Toxic backlinks carry a heavy penality and may even drag your auto dealer website down.

Other Important Factors

Page speed is another critical factor in deciding SEO rankings.

A website won’t rank high if its pages take forever to load, it’s as simple as that. Bounce rates and the amount of time spent on a website can be used as a guide to fine tune the site itself, so asking for this information in an SEO audit report is certainly worthwhile.

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