How Your Auto Dealership Can Work With Instagram's Micro-Influencers

03 September 2019

Instagram profiles require between 1,000 and 30,000 followers to be classified as micro influencers. Collaborating with such accounts is definitely going to be hugely beneficial for your auto dealership’s Instagram marketing, as it gives you access to huge sections of Instagram’s population while not applying a huge strain on your financial reserves by being steeply overpriced.

In this part of the article series, we’ll try to give you a clearer picture of the advantages and disadvantages of using Instagram micro influencer marketing for your car dealer website, and how to do it so as to keep your auto dealership ahead of your competition.

1. Availability

In case your auto dealership ever feels the need to change one or more of the micro influencers associated with it for whatever reason, there are many more of them on Instagram than the larger, more established influencers. 

Switching between micro influencers will be easier in financial terms for your auto dealership as well. The larger number of micro influencers has another benefit as well, in that ten of them will be able to create and work with much more content than just one mega influencer.

2. Loyalty

Look among the followers of your existing Instagram profile, you may come across people who are already micro influencers. 

Even better, they have already indicated that they like your car dealer website, and may be open to advocating the vehicles and services that your dealership offers. 

Getting them to publicly recommend and support your dealership should be quite easy and straightforward as they already like your brand.

3. Time

Micro influencers may be more difficult to work with, since you need to engage with more of them to make your marketing initiatives efficient, unlike with one big time influencer.

Having a larger number of micro influencers means that longer working hours will need to be devoted to get the right sort of profiles, creating campaigns, and assessing results.

The last part is especially important, as marketers at auto dealerships often forget to evaluate how well an online car marketing campaign performs with a micro influencer controlling it. Constant appraisal is needed in order to fine tune the campaign and avoid wasting your marketing budget on unnecessary or fruitless strategies.

4. Long Term Campaigns

To advertise and promote new vehicles or one-off promotions, a short campaign is usually sufficient. However, to promote your dealership itself as a brand, you need to think long term.

Create a campaign built around your micro influencers so that the followers of your dealership and your micro influencers will consume as much content as possible about your auto dealership, thereby increasing brand awareness.

In Conclusion

Micro influencers are very relevant to the brand, as they almost always have a strong connection with the brand, its products and services, and topics that are relevant to the brand.

This is especially true in the world of automotive digital marketing, as there are several micro influencers out there who share credible content and opinions on vehicles.

The best part is that micro influencers are nowhere near as expensive as celebrity influencers. As a result, it will be several times more cost effective for your car dealer website to be involved in online marketing efforts with micro influencers. Engaging with such micro influencers and using their authority to persuade more people to visit you business is a brilliant and nearly guaranteed method of increasing your revenue.

For more information on micro-influencer marketing for your auto dealership, Contact Us.

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