How to Use Instagram Ads to Boost Your Car Sales

29 November 2017


From our previous article, you are already equipped with a few effective tips to boost your car dealership website traffic using Instagram. Now, let’s take a look at Instagram Ads and tips to optimize them for improving your marketing strategies.

There are six kinds of Instagram Ads – four Feed ads and two Stories ads.

Instagram Feed Ads

1. Photo Ads: A single image can be included with a caption limit of 300 characters (Recommended - 125 characters).

2. Video Ads: A single video or GIF can be included with the same limit of 300 characters.

3. Carousal Ads: Two or more images or videos can be included with the same limit of 300 characters.

4. Slideshow Ads: Up to 10 images can be included with music and with the same limit of 300 characters. These ads are basically video ads.

Instagram Stories Ads

1. Single Image: Up to six ads with single image each can be included. At the bottom of the image you will find a "Sponsored” tag.

2. Single Video: A 15 seconds long video or GIF can be included.

Things to do to Customize Your Instagram Ads

Optimizing your Instagram Ads will help you stick to your budget and drive more auto dealer website traffic.

Instagram Ad Tip 1: Set Your Audience

For an ad to be successful, targeting the right audience is important. Set the Instagram audience target based on location, gender, age, interests, behavior, etc. Also, you can target visitors who have interacted with your content and Lookalike audience.

Instagram Ad Tip 2: Name Your Instagram Ad

When you are running a huge number of Instagram Ad campaigns, it is smart to stick to a naming convention.

It may not do anything to your budget but will save time for your future alterations.

Instagram Ad Tip 3: Select Your Ad Placements

You can choose to run Instagram feed ads and stories ads or both on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

This can be done along with advanced options while setting up of your Instagram ads.

Instagram Ad Tip 4: Define Your Budget & Schedule

You have to select the spending limit and the duration of your Instagram ads based on your budget. Choose from the options of daily budget and lifetime budget depending on your ad needs.

If you are about to run your first ad campaign, then it’s advisable to go with the recommendations provided by Facebook.

Instagram Ads Tip 5: Get in Touch with Instagram Influencers

To lower your Instagram ad costs, try to find Instagram Influencers in your niche. Later, tag them in your post, reach out to them, and request them to promote your dealership.

You can use tools like Ninja Outreach to find these influencers.

For more information on Instagram Ads and their role in boosting your car sales, Contact Us.


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