9 Twitter Advanced Search Tips to Drive More Leads to Your Car Dealership

04 December 2017

 Twitter is a powerful social media platform that not only helps promote your car dealership but also generates quality leads. Twitter’s advanced search functions help in finding leads by providing more information on specific people, and tweets.

Here’s how to use Twitter’s advanced search for driving more leads.

Advanced Search Tip 1: Search by Sentiment

Social media platforms are full of sentiments and a search in this direction is a great way to know what people are talking about your auto dealership, cars, and services. Write your queries with phrases that include question marks to find local prospects. 

For instance, Car Dealership? Near:San Fransisco within:30mi.

Advanced Search Tip 2: Track Mentions by Usernames

Advanced search using the username to track mentions is one of the best ways to track new leads. You can use ‘to:’ (Tweets to the user) and ‘from:’ (Tweets by the user) before the username. 

To find a specific query, you have to add the keyword after the username. 

Advanced Search Tip 3: Make use of "Save this search” Option

The ‘Save this search’ option helps your dealership to follow specific searches. You can save up to 25 searches per account. 

This is also one of the best ways to keep an eye on your competitors.

Advanced Search Tip 4: Target Advanced Search by Geolocation Filters

If your dealership is localized to a single location then the geolocation filters help in eliminating other faraway places. 

Use ‘near: (location) within: (miles)’ to find tweets, which can be potential leads within your reach. 

Advanced Search Tip 5: Apply Exclusions & Filters

To eliminate unnecessary results from showing up, make use of exclusions and filters. To exclude, add ‘keyword -competitor's username.’ Along with the exclusion, you can tag the filters as mentioned earlier.

Advanced Search Tip 6: Search for Relevant Keywords & Hashtags

The easiest way to track is to search for automotive-related keywords and hashtags. Also, by adding certain filters, you can further narrow down your advanced search. For this, you need to enter the keyword or hashtag in the search box and apply filters. 

Advanced Search Tip 7: Create Your own Hashtags & Search for Them

Be innovative - create a hashtag of your own that depicts your brand and start trending for the same. Have just one hashtag that compels people to talk about your brand and visit your car dealership.

Advanced Search Tip 8: Go with Easy Advanced Search

If you are going for more than one search filters then the easier way is to choose the ‘Search filters’ button. Choose ‘Advanced search’ under this section and enter the details to be filtered (Words, people, places, and dates).

Advanced Search Tip 9: Answer Questions

Twitter’s advanced search allows you to apply filters to questions around your niche. If you have answers or blogs that can solve the browsers’ queries, then respond to those tweets. This will increase your brand awareness and trust, and will drive more leads to your car dealership.

For more information on Twitter’s advanced search tips, Click Here.


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