9 Reasons Why Auto Dealer Content Fails

08 December 2017

Ever since the last decade, content virtually rules the automotive marketing industry. Millions of articles are being churned out every month by OEMs, dealers, after market players, and more.

While content marketing remains the #1 choice of digital marketers to this day, many dealers do report indifferent results with content marketing.

Here are 9 reasons why.

Reason 1: The Headlines and Copy are Boring

Remember, all you have is under 5 seconds.

As soon as visitors look at your content title, they should connect with it and feel compelled to read on. If this initial connection fails, then your content piece is most likely a dud, and your auto dealer website bounce rate will naturally increase.

Stop creating boring content and start out with engaging content.

Reason 2: Content is not to your audience’s taste

Don’t ever insult your audience with your content. Rather, it should be educative, informative, engaging, or even positively challenging, and should solve at least one key concern.

Before posting your auto dealer content, do your research, take time to reflect, and then publish.

Reason 3: Content is Only About Your Car Dealership

Before your audience turns their back on you, shift the content from ‘you-centric’ to ‘customer-centric’. Talk from the vantage point of their priorities and concerns.

This will help you to see, address, and resolve issues that are holding them up and move them further down the sales funnel.

Reason 4: Content Focuses on a Particular Audience

Typical dealerships sell about 80% of their vehicles to 2 or 3 types of customers. Your content should address all of your audience types, rather than playing on a generic audience.

It’s always advisable to plan different buyer personas, which can help in the creation of unique content for each group. This will increase your reach, and when the cascading effect kicks in, your car sales.

Reason 5: Content Offers a Poor User Experience

Nowadays, search engines are smarter and it’s hard to fool them by just dumping keywords into your content. Content with good user experiences excel and rank better, even on search engines. That’s why it is important to make it fun to read as well.

Help your readers first. If you do, then even the search engines will help you.

Reason 6: Content Can’t be Easily Shared

The content you publish must be easily sharable by your readers on social media.

Insert social media and share buttons at the right places in your content, ideally at the top, bottom, or middle of the content.

Reason 7: Content Isn’t Promoted Well

Don’t restrict yourself from promoting your content just once. For more impact, share it on different platforms. Also try different lead-ins while sharing.

You can also send your best content to automotive industry influencers and friends through email.

Reason 8: Content is Salesy

You are already aware of including a relevant call-to-action at the end of the content, which helps to move your audience to the next level. However, your entire article need not be too salesy or extremely promotional.

This will annoy your readers and they will walk towards your competitors. Better avoid it.

Reason 9: Content is Completely Text

No one likes to read huge amounts of text. It is best to create well-connected content snippets with sub-headings, bullet points, images, infographics, graphs, etc.

These will keep your audience engaged and more of them will complete your entire article.

To know more about successful content marketing, Click Here.

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