7 Automotive PPC Ads Mistakes to Avoid to Gain Quality Leads

07 December 2017

PPC ads are not only about the right marketing messages, but also about creating the campaign in the right way. If you are complaining that PPC isn’t working for your dealership, then there is definitely the possibility of issues with your ads - the copy, set-up, or management.

Here are some common PPC ad mistakes.

PPC Ad Mistake 1: Not Adopting Trending Ad Features

Advertising is more than search and display these days, and there are new features that can target specific audience segments.

AdWords Call Only ads, Instagram Stories ads, Facebook Lead Capture ads, etc. are some of these unique and trending ad formats. Adopting these to your unique dealer marketing environment will bring you more quality leads.

PPC Ad Mistake 2: Not Focusing on the Intent Signals

It is important to design your PPC ads based on the prospects’ intent, which changes when they move up or down the sales funnel. You will be losing out on quality leads if you choose to go with a "one size fits all” approach.

To improve immediate sales, it is advisable to target people who are at the bottom of the sales funnel.

PPC Ad Mistake 3: Not Advertising for Every Device

Everyone is talking about ‘Mobile first’ but it is also essential for your ad campaigns and landing pages to display optimally on every device. Otherwise, you will lose the leads from desktops, laptops, and tabs.

PPC Ad Mistake 4: Not Optimizing Your Ads

One of the reasons for losing quality leads is forgetting to align the elements of your ads well, from audience targeting to the landing page or ad content.

Optimization of your ads for maximum impact is a must-have if you want to squeeze every possible lead out of your ad campaign.

PPC Ad Mistake 5: Not Monitoring Your Campaigns Properly

Your PPC ad campaigns should never be in a "Fire and Forget" mode. They should be closely monitored, and A/B testing is highly recommended for better leads.

Campaign parameters like budget, bid, ad content, and schedule of the ads can and should be experimented with.

PPC Ad Mistake 6: Not Bidding for Your Own Branded Keywords

Another common PPC Ad mistake is not bidding on your own branded keywords. If you are not using them as keywords, then you will be providing an opening to your competitors, who will make use of your brand and steal your audience.

PPC Ad Mistake 7: Not Optimizing Ads for ROI

The ultimate goal of these PPC ads must be improved sales and return on investment (ROI), and not just driving traffic and generating quality leads. If this is not taken care of, then the metrics shown on your PPC dashboard can be misleading.

For more PPC Ads mistakes that prevent your car dealer website from garnering quality leads, Contact Us.

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