How to Get Quality Leads From Your Auto Dealer Website

03 August 2018


The biggest pain point that auto dealers report in digital marketing is lead qualification.

Most dealerships capture leads from their auto dealer website and nurture them to drive sales. However, all those good auto dealership leads are usually mixed in with large numbers of irrelevant and pointless ones.

Good Leads and Duds

Without being able to distinguish between the good and the duds, members of your sales staff usually end up spending many valuable hours and resources in qualifying leads.

In addition to vital contact information, a good lead capture automation system also gives dealers and their sales teams valuable insights into the leads captured on the website.

For every lead captured through the website of your auto dealership, you will be provided with information about how much time this person has spent on your website, how often, which pages, and the amount of time spent looking at a particular car you are selling.

How Data Analytics Helps

Such data analytics systems also work fast, since qualified leads need to be converted before they are captured by a competing auto dealership.

Apart from highlighting leads that matter to your auto dealership, it will also help you prioritize your correspondence according to urgency and give you some sort of indication how to frame your conversation.

For instance, if a particular lead has viewed your used car pages multiple times, you know that they are definitely interested in purchasing one.

With this information in hand, you can come up with a tempting offer that does not cut into your profit margin, yet will give them the motivation to convert and purchase the car from your auto dealership.

The same can be applied in case of new car sales, accessory sales, service packages, automotive financing & insurance, and so on.

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