10 Tips to Optimize Your Car Dealership Facebook Page for Improved Sales

07 August 2018

Your Car Dealership Facebook Page assists you in engaging with your local community, running promotions, offering customer assistance, and marketing your vehicles and services. To make the best of it, it is essential for you to optimize your Facebook Page.

Here are some effective tips to optimize your Car Dealership Facebook Page.

Tip 1 : Start by Choosing the Right Car Dealership Facebook Page

For creating an effective Facebook page for your car dealership, you need to choose the right type from Local Business, Brand, Entertainment, Community, etc.

Tip 2 : Focus on Location Pages

With the new Facebook upgrade, there is no need to request for location pages anymore.

If you have car dealerships in various locations then your main Facebook Page itself becomes the parent page and the child pages will be your location pages.

Tip 3 : Car Dealership Operating Hours are Important

It is important to fill out and update your business hours as and when there are any changes.

If you add new location pages, then make sure to include the respective working hours.

Tip 4 : Use Customized Username

A simple and short username for your Facebook Page is required for easy searchability.

For better optimization, it is advisable to include your car dealership name plus your location as the username.

Tip 5 : Add Relevant Profile & Cover Pictures

Images attract people towards your car dealership Facebook Page.

Make the best use of the profile and cover image sections to upload interesting photographs that capture the mood, and keep changing them as often as necessary.

You can also use videos or slideshows for the cover photo.

Tip 6 : Choose the Right Call to Action (CTA) Button

At the end of the cover photo, you can include a Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Options available include directly messaging the dealership.

Tip 7 : Complete the ‘About Us’ section of Your Dealership’s Facebook Page

Optimize your Facebook Page by providing in-depth information about your car dealership.

This projects your dealership as professional, trustworthy, and authoritative.

Tip 8 : Publish Your Posts at the Right Time

The timing and frequency of your Facebook posts help in better optimization of your page.

1 to 4 pm is generally good, but feel free to experiment and fine-tune your timing. Never miss to post interesting things on Thursdays and Fridays.

Tip 9 : Pin Your Important Posts Towards the Top of the Page

If you have posted an important post and you want it to stay at the top of your posts, then you can ‘Pin’ it.

This can be used for promoting your latest and best deals.

Tip 10 : Manage Your Customer Reviews & Comments

Responding to your customers’ reviews and comments promptly generates great social conversations which not only improves customer relationships, but go a long way in marketing your dealership by word-of-mouth. Make use of this opportunity to interact with your potential customers and improve your car dealership sales.

For more tips on how to optimize your car dealership Facebook Page for improved sales, Contact us

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