How Auto Dealerships Can Gain Trust and Credibility Online

06 August 2018

It goes without saying that the auto industry is all about people, with business being done face-to-face, personal relationships forged for the long term, and so on.

However, things are about to change, with well over three quarters of prospective car buyers first checking out dealerships online and only then deciding to show up at the brick-and mortar dealership. Auto businesses are now increasingly being judged by the quality of their online presence.

In this article, we will give you a few pointers on how to gain credibility and trust for your auto dealership, online.

Customer Relationship Management

As mentioned earlier, the auto industry runs on the relationships made by the people working in it. The CRM system is where you track and manage all these relationships.

The first thing to do is check and if necessary, update your CRM. Check response times on online leads, tags, and sales channels. Make sure your auto dealership uses its CRM to the fullest extent, leads are never dropped, and your sales people are pushing deals forward and converting them into sales.

Intelligent Engagement

Try and mimic person-to-person showroom engagement as much as possible. Your sales staff is sharp enough to know that every visitor should not be handled the same way, and the same should apply to your website as well.

Understand if a site visitor is more likely to respond to a coupon offer or a chat box or something else. Working intelligently and engaging your visitors with relevant material are sure fire ways to capture more leads.

Interesting Content

Maintaining a blog or article stream that is up-to-date, full of interesting facts, and written in a light manner is an excellent way of engaging online prospects. It also helps boost your credibility as an expert in the subject, which will result in your existing viewers bringing more new leads.

Serious car shoppers would like to know what kind of dealership you are. Proving your authority through a well maintained blog and engaging them in social conversations are crucial factors which cannot be omitted.

Keep Your Promises

If your auto dealership offers discount coupons online or provides information through a blog, ensure that it isn’t found lacking in any way. For instance, if you get a coupon request then authorize the coupon directly after capturing lead information, and follow up promptly.

Make sure that the content you publish is factually correct and advantageous to your dealership, and not misleading in any way. Every single step taken to maintain your auto dealer website credibility will result in prospective customers trusting your local dealership brand even more.

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