7 Top Reasons Why Your Car Dealership Should Use Call Tracking

26 July 2018

With more than 150 billion telephonic calls in the U.S. alone triggered by organic searches, social media, paid ads, etc., telephonic sales is serious business. That’s why it is critical to track calls.

Here are a few more reasons why call tracking is important for your car dealership.

Reason 1 : Calls are Important for Your Customers

Prospects call when they need immediate answers and do not want to waste time sending a mail and then waiting for a response.

When they get on the phone, they are closer to taking action, which is why dealers need efficient call tracking to track and analyze calls.

Reason 2 : To Map Phone Calls to Car Dealer Website Conversions

There are plenty of other means like Google Analytics and AdWords to track your web leads and conversions, but what happens if your prospects place calls instead of filling out web forms?

Then it becomes hard to track and attribute sales to the right channel. That’s one more reason why dealers need call tracking. Even Google Analytics itself offers some functionality to track calls.

Reason 3 : For Mentoring Lead Conversion

Most businesses use call tracking to map and closely mentor the transition from leads to sales. Online leads are converted into phone calls, in turn converting them into customers. A loss or leakage at this stage can impact dealer profitability.

Reason 4 : For Optimizing Your Customer Service Experience

Many prospects still prefer the telephone to other communication channels, when it comes to the last mile.

With call tracking, your car dealership can engage with these prospects effectively over different phone calls and still deliver personalized service.

Reason 5 : To Enhance Marketing Campaign Success

Call tracking can be linked to incoming sales leads from multiple sources including online marketing campaigns, web searches, etc.

Each lead can be grouped and analyzed based on the marketing segment, leading to better engagement and sales.

Reason 6 : Helps in Analyzing the Best Time of the Day

Call tracking helps in optimizing telephonic sales by letting you anticipate the peak time and day when more of your prospects place calls.

This can help in realizing better ROI on your marketing investments, especially your paid ad campaigns.

Reason 7 : Let’s you Know Particular Keywords that Generate Leads

Call tracking helps in letting you know exactly which keywords and calls-to-action are bringing in leads. With this insight, your car dealership can decide on promotional offers as well as the keywords to bid on in future ads.

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