7 Ways to Increase Your Car Sales with Customer-centric Content

14 November 2017



It is no secret for car dealers that the "Customer is King”. 
Most car dealers now have active car dealer websites, and are familiar with how things work online. However, most of these car dealer websites still come with generic content, and not customer-centric content.
To attract more customers in a highly competitive environment, dealers now have to think of customer-centric content. Instead of merely publishing useful information, customer-centric content puts customers in the middle and builds website content in ways that are most useful to customers.
Here are a few tips to create customer-centric content.
Content Tip 1: Discover Your Customers’ Behaviors
The best way to learn about your audience is by checking the past customers’ purchase path. Learn if they searched online based on desires, needs, or pain points. Or, if they came to your dealership through sales calls. 
This complete study from the first touch-point till the final purchase helps in strategizing how to build your customer-centric content.
Content Tip 2: Know Your Customers’ Preferences
Once you have understood your customers’ behavior, it’s time to know their content preferences. Are they looking for short video content, in-depth textual content, direct online chat, or email? 
This requires tracking user data but is an essential step in creating customer-centric content.
Content Tip 3: Specific Content at Every Stage of Purchasing
As you already are aware of the interests, behaviors, preferences, and concerns at each step of purchase, create content around it. 
This will help prospective customers plug the gaps in their decision-making and drive them to your dealership, leading to better and faster conversions, and increased car sales.

Content Tip 4: Convert Features into Opportunity
In the content, create context around the main features of the car model you want to sell. These features can be showcased into compelling benefits that your customers are looking for in their next car. 
For instance, a design feature of the car which makes the drive comfortable for rear seat occupants, or a 120-volt power outlet that allows the use of large devices such as a laptop. 
Content Tip 5: Emotionally Connect with Your Customers
Being a content marketer, simplifying textual copy is a habit but it can impact your conversion rates. To create customer-centric content, emotionally connect with customers and prospects by being creative. Let them know that their pain-points are being taken care of. For instance, compare "Rear cross traffic alert’’ with "Safety is never a concern in traffic with the rear cross traffic alert”.
Content Tip 6: Put Your Customers’ Concerns First
Sometimes, you have to stop thinking all by yourself and start interacting with your customers through social media or live chat. 
This will let you understand their real concerns and help you create relevant content that provides solutions.
Content Tip 7: Act on Your Customers’ Feedback 
As your customers’ behavior changes so, will their expectations from your dealership. 
Make it a best practice to review their feedback about your dealership, and use it to realign your content marketing strategy.
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