9 Powerful Tips to Manage Your Car Dealership’s PPC Ads on a Low Daily Budget

18 January 2018

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are one of the best short-term options to drive traffic, leads, and sales to your car dealership. The key factor for better Returns on Investment (ROI) in PPC is budgeting.  

Even with a low daily budget, you can expect good ROI provided you take care of a few important factors.

PPC Budgeting Tip 1: Track Your PPC Data

For better ROI on a tiny budget, you need to always keep a hawk’s eye on your PPC campaign data. Set up conversion tracking for your campaigns to know which ads are producing better results. 

PPC Budgeting Tip 2: Use the Data for Promotions

After analyzing your PPC campaign data, act on the loopholes which needs to be immediately addressed, to protect your ROI. 

You will also know which keywords are driving good results. Invest a few dollars on these keywords and watch how things shape up. 

PPC Budgeting Tip 3: Plan for a Focused Campaign

The strategies and methods that you plan for the PPC campaigns should be specific. The factors to decide are the format, target, keywords, and the number of running AdWords ads. Research and decide on these for higher ROI.

PPC Budgeting Tip 4: Use Exact Match Keywords

Use exact match keywords, to eliminate unwanted clicks. 

Exact match keywords also prevent your ad visibility on irrelevant keywords, which improves your conversion rates.  

PPC Budgeting Tip 5: Push Away Poor-performing Keywords

Look out for the keywords that are eating up your budget without delivering good results. Stop investing in these keywords and save those dollars for the ones that are performing well. 

It’s also advisable to limit the number of your keywords.

PPC Budgeting Tip 6: Restrict Campaigns

Along with limiting the keywords, also limit the number of campaigns. You can focus on shared ad budgets and 1-3- structured campaigns Also, bid a little higher on particular terms to get better results.

PPC Budgeting Tip 7: Prioritize Search Network

Between the Display and Search Networks, choose the Search network, since it is the best option for low budget campaigns

A single network is also easier to mentor closely.

PPC Budgeting Tip 8: Location is Important

For any kind of PPC campaigns, geo-location plays a vital role in targeting the right set of audiences. 

Find out which locations are performing well, and divert more funds to those particular locations.

PPC Budgeting Tip 9: Keep an Eye on Your Campaign Budget

It is important to track and analyze your budget and re-evaluate it for better ROI. 

Among the limited active campaigns, retain the ads that are showing better results and stop the poorly-performing ones. You can also redirect the budget from the low-performing ones.

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Facebook’s algorithm has recently changed, and users will now see more content from their family and friends than from brands.
Pay-per-click (PPC) Ad Automation helps marketers to do more with less, by simplifying and automating some of the tasks associated with PPC campaigns.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of your car dealer website. Any issue with SEO will severely affect website performance.
To create an enduring online identity that consistently drives sales, your car dealership website needs a data-driven content strategy.
Facebook Ads are one of the most effective advertising options available in paid digital marketing.
Powerful features like “custom audiences” make Facebook Ads the best social tool to reach a targeted audience.
Google Trends is an underutilized free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, which gives insights about trending topics across the globe.
Creating good content alone will not drive traffic to your auto dealer website. Dealers need to promote their content.
Pay-per-click (PPC) budgeting is important for designing PPC ads to increase your car dealership’s sales success rate.