5 Tips to Create Foolproof Auto Dealer Content

24 January 2018


To create an enduring online identity that consistently drives sales, your car dealership website needs a data-driven content strategy.

Here are a few content tips to help you get there.

Auto Dealer Content Tip 1: Choose Content that has performed well

Take help from tools like Buzzsumo that helps you to find highly-shared content ideas in your niche. Data on social shares is available, which helps in understanding the popularity of the content.

Choose content ideas that can gain higher social shares and build your stories around it.

Auto Dealer Content Tip 2: Stepwise Instructions Capture Attention

People usually search online when they are in need of a solution. In most cases, well formatted actionable instructions work well for them

In your content, outline the problem and provide suitable step-by-step instructions on how to resolve it.

A list of tips is also another good option.

Auto Dealer Content Tip 3: Show Your Audience Relevant Data/Proof

There is no compulsion for anyone to accept your guidelines unless the content provides proof-of-concept. It is important to let your audience know that your content is based on real-life situations.

Visual graphs and numbers will not only engage the audience but also compel them to take action.

Auto Dealer Content Tip 4: Introduce Powerful Words of Action

Words are powerful! They can be used to persuade your audience for improved sales. Some of the compelling words that can be used in your automotive copywriting are tested, professional, interesting, increase, introducing, etc.

These words can be used in titles, subtitles, and calls to action.

Auto Dealer Content Tip 5: Video Content is the Trend

Video content is and will be the trend in the near future, since it is engaging and attracts more traffic. Video is so powerful that just adding one to a product page can boost conversions by as much as 80%.

If your car dealership invests in video content then you can expect quality leads, greater conversions, and higher ROI.

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