Where to Get the Right Reviews for Your Car Dealership

19 February 2018


You already know how important online reviews are, for car dealerships.

Apart from being an integral part of the online sales pitch, online reviews also help improve the search ranking of car dealer websites.

But, how do car dealers source positive online reviews? Read on.

01. Reviews from Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the best platform to source online reviews. The GMB ratings will reflect in Google Maps and Google Local Pack as well. Google reviews are trusted by most prospects looking for reliable car dealers in their local area.

If dealers want to earn positive reviews from customers then they need to actively encourage them to post reviews. Here’s what can be done to get valuable positive reviews:

·Provide happy customers with step-by-step instructions on how to do it

·Send the review link along with a "Thank You” email note

·Instruct your sales team to always request reviews from delighted customers

·Follow up with a personal review request email

02. Reviews from Social Media

With more than 1.5 billion monthly users, social media is the new review hub. The introduction of Facebook Local has added more fuel to this trend, making Facebook the best social place for customer reviews.

It’s important to be where your potential customers are and respond to their queries. If you receive any review, either positive or negative,  acknowledge it. Then proactively address negative reviews.

This helps in building relationships with your customers, earning their trust, and possibly recommendations.

03. Reviews from Auto Industry-Specific Sites

Even if industry-specific reviews don’t affect your Google ratings, it can impact search rankings. These ratings are visible before the audience clicks on your website link.

If you are receiving good reviews, then you can showcase those review links as online testimonials. This is quite effective as a promotional tactic for your car dealership.

However, make sure not to overload your customers with too many links.

04. Product Review Sites

Positive reviews on product review sites also help auto businesses a lot, since these reviews are treated as trustworthy by prospective customers.

If good reviews are posted about your dealership on these sites, then they will influence prospects and generate more positive sentiment than the reviews posted on your own car dealer website.

For more tips on earning positive online reviews, Contact Us.

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