Automotive PPC Trends to Watch in 2018

15 February 2018

Many of the previous year’s pay-per-click (PPC) trends like better audience targeting  automation tools are alive and kicking this year too. 

So, what are the hot PPC trends for 2018? Read on.

PPC Trend 1: Targeted Audience 

Keyword research alone isn’t sufficient to create effective PPC ads. A targeted audience is important. The targeting can be done using similar and in-market audiences. 

For effective retargeting, use the combined data from display, video, and search ads.

PPC Trend 2: New AdWords Interface

I agree that the old AdWords interface looks rather plain. However, unlike Google Analytics, it’s mainly used for working and not for viewing alone. 

The new interface is shaping up quite well, with more features added. For instance, as of end of Jan, you can now find out when your impressions shift significantly across devices or position in search results.   

PPC Trend 3: Data Analysis is Necessary

Being an auto dealer, it’s essential to monitor every report, including sales, leads, content marketing, PPC, etc. These detailed reports help in tweaking or changing your PPC ad strategy. 

Make use of Business Intelligence tools to ease your analysis efforts.

PPC Trend 4: Increase Your Facebook & LinkedIn Budgets

With the increase in social media usage, it’s advisable to invest some more marketing dollars on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

The estimation is that you will see results if you increase your budget by 100-200 percent, if you have not been spending significantly on social ads. 

PPC Trend 5: Voice Searches are Increasing

Since 2017, voice searches are continuously on the rise. 

Some auto dealers are now testing their ads to see if they work well with long-tail keywords as well as voice searches. It is most likely to be a small gain but updating your paid ads to the current trends will definitely pay-off.

PPC Trend 6: Artificial Intelligence 

AI will continue to be a buzzword in 2018 as well. There are ample uses for adopting AI to improve your PPC ad performance. 

Many of the Bid Management platforms have started to adopt AI for automating their work.

PPC Trend 7: Automation Works Well

Automation simplifies your work and many of the aspects of the campaign can be automated. You are already aware where PPC automation can be used. 

In bidding, automation helps a lot and it mostly delivers better results than bidding manually. 

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