7 Important Things to Know About your Auto Dealer Website’s SEO

30 November 2017


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial process that makes your auto dealer website rank high in Google searches. It is quite a challenge to be always on top of Google’s ranking factors. Ever since Google crushed Black Hat SEO with their Penguin updates, advanced SEO of your auto dealer website is mostly in the realm of experience and experimentation.

Before getting into the SEO game for your auto dealer website, there are certain important things to know.

SEO Fact 1: Cope with Varied Opinions

Google does not provide any particular instructional manual about SEO factors, except hinting at the importance of excellent content which will be of real value to your prospects.

This leads to various opinions from different SEO professionals. An auto dealer who is getting into the SEO game will have no clue on how to do this on their own. So, to begin with, follow the experts who have gained experience and maintain a good record.

SEO Fact 2: SEO Techniques Keep Evolving

Google is evolving by the day, and their algorithm changes frequently. Every time you create content for your auto dealer website, you need to try and test various approaches to publishing, propagating, and sharing it.

To stay informed, read Google blogs and follow key Google employees on social media.

SEO Fact 3: Tools Can’t Help you Always

You can find several SEO tools that can monitor, track, analyze, and report the results. Each tool comes with useful features and you can choose the ones that are suitable for your content marketing strategy.

However, at the end of the day it still is your knowledge, experience, and judgment, unless you partner with the experts.

SEO Fact 4: Overcome Your Skepticism

It's easy to talk about SEO but hard to practice it successfully, which is why many industries are skeptical about its success. You have to overcome this mental roadblock and start working from day one on SEO if your auto dealer website is to rank high in web searches in your local area.

SEO Fact 5: Don’t Look Back Once you Enter

Once you dive into SEO, it is not easy to find your footing. There are hundreds of things to take care of, both on-page and off-page.

Even for a simple blog, you will have to look at the title, sub-headings, keywords, internal and external links, etc.

Once you start following SEO techniques, there is absolutely no looking back. If you keep at it, you will start seeing results in a few months and that is what makes the whole effort worthwhile.

SEO Fact 6: Customers Always Expect Transparency

When you drive your prospects to your showroom with great content and lofty promises, don't forget that customers expect you to fulfill each and every one of them.

Never promise what you cannot deliver. In the social age, news goes around very quickly, and just one negative review or Facebook comment or tweet can significantly dent your reputation.

SEO Fact 7: Always Keep Learning

As discussed earlier, SEO has no standard manual to follow, amidst its shifting grounds and continuous algorithm changes by Google, who is the dominant player. Start learning the basics and don’t stop there. Keep yourself updated with automotive industry publications, be a part of SEO discussion groups, go to search marketing conferences, and always keep an eye out for the latest SEO news. Unless of course, you decide to leave it to the experts.

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