3 Important Tips to Make the Most of Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Update

06 February 2018


Facebook’s algorithm has recently changed, and users will now see more content from their family and friends than from brands. Now marketers on Facebook need to focus on high-quality content, paid marketing, and more.

If brands need organic traffic from Facebook, then it’s time to work harder on the content if it is to appear on the Facebook News Feed.

Here’s what digital marketers can do to make the most of the recent Facebook update.

Tip 1: Focus on Content Best Practices

In both offline and online marketing, high-quality content is always one of the most important ranking factors. The new Facebook algorithm update has once again affirmed this, and marketers need to watch what they post. Anything that compromises content quality is unlikely to feature on the Facebook News Feed.

The content criteria to outrank your competitors include engaging factors, thought-provoking factors, educational value, high-quality visuals, device-optimized imagery, and in-depth research on the topic.

If the content is customer-focused and solves their concerns then the chances of it appearing on the News Feed is higher. But how do you get it done, in practical terms?

Simple - the trick is to create high-quality content that will drive a lot of comment and conversations between users. Always write about trending issues that users are sure to have an opinion on, and try to include questions in your posts.

Tip 2: Website as Online Platform

Social media is here to stay. But if you have made social media your mainstay, then it is quite likely that you will come to regret it.

It always pays to set-up your own marketing website and use it as your marketing mother-lode, instead of treating social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. as your flagship. These platforms change their algorithms frequently, and these changes can have far-reaching implications for your business, unless your marketing is anchored on a web platform you control.

But, it’s also true that social media marketing is now the #1 marketing opportunity out there, and it should be an important part of your marketing strategy. Social media is where you can find your local customers and engage with them.

Your website, email, blog, and podcasts are where you can take control over your content and user experience. Then use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to drive this content to prospects.

Tip 3: Prioritize Paid Media for Leads

Paid marketing is known to drive more leads in the short term. Facebook’s algorithm update has no impact on paid marketing, and it continues to display ads depending on the relevancy of the account. For many businesses, it makes sense to invest some marketing dollars in paid Facebook ads.

Even with paid ads, follow creative best-practices to ensure better visibility and to reach the right audience on Facebook.

For more information on Facebook’s recent algorithm change, Click Here.

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