Why Your Auto Dealership Staff Needs CRM Training

14 May 2019

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is quite possibly one of the most important tools at the disposal of a car dealer. After initial training, at least some dealers expect their employees to be able to use it with elan, with just the help of a few how-to guides and presentations.

In reality, this is very unlikely to happen. Employees will need periodic training if they are to use the auto dealership CRM effectively, and make full use of the sophisticated functionality available which is periodically updated. 

In this article, we will discuss how dealership employees can make the best use of the auto dealer CRM.


Understand the CRM System’s Impact Thoroughly

Many of the advantages of the CRM system are visible only at the dealership level, but there is always more to it. Your car dealership employees must also be made to understand how the proper utilization of the CRM system will benefit them personally.

Questions regarding how the car dealership CRM system can save time and help employees work efficiently, and assist their career growth must also be addressed during periodic training sessions.

Get the Top Management’s Involvement

When starting off a CRM training program for auto dealership employees, one of the most important things is to secure the buy-in from senior executives and management. If the top bosses can adopt a data-driven work culture and encourage continuous learning, then the job is already half done.

It also makes sense to appoint internal auto dealership CRM champions. These individuals should be staff members who are already using your CRM effectively. 

These champions can become the go-to points-of-contact to answer everyday questions regarding the CRM. They can also train new employees on how best to use the system.

Don’t Let It Be a One-Time Thing

The best training program is a continuous one. A CRM system is continuously being updated to make it more efficient and compatible with OEM processes. 

If the only CRM training provided is for a couple of days when the system is introduced at your car dealership, then most of your employees won’t be able to make the most of the latest features that come with periodic updates.

Apart from all this, we also recommend that you periodically check the settings of your auto dealership CRM system. Many CRMs provide a lot of customization options. Make sure you have tweaked them to get the most out of the system in terms of efficiency and profitability for your car dealership.

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