Why Should You Keep Car Dealer Website Design Simple?

08 May 2019

When it comes to designing your Auto Dealer Website, we have one simple piece of advice – keep it simple.

Ample white spaces and simple shapes can give your Auto Dealer Website an elegant, premium, and professional look and feel. 

In this article, we will give you some reasons to go for a neat, tastefully designed car dealership website.


User Experience Improves

A simplified design for your car dealership website provides a far more positive user experience (UX) during navigation within the website. 

Work especially on the homepage so that it has well-segmented and tastefully formatted text and imagery. It should be easy to read, with the main takeaways highlighted for easy visibility. 

Limit the calls-to-action (CTAs) on your homepage to the most important tasks, mapped to your sales funnel.

Eye Scanning Becomes Easier

Let’s face it, nobody has the patience to read through long, text-heavy content on a website. Instead, most auto dealer website visitors just skim through it, glancing only at whatever interests them. 

With a simple yet elegant auto dealer website design, people and even search engines find it easier to scan the content within a limited time-span. 

This increases your retention rate, in turn potentially boosting your sales and revenue.

Website Loading Occurs Much More Quickly

Website loading time is one of the main criteria for both improved SEO and immersive user experiences. 

One of the main reasons why potential customers leave a website is that it takes far too long to fully load. If you get rid of heavy images and features, the loading time of your car dealer website will be faster than before. If it can be trimmed to less than 3 seconds, you can be guaranteed of a better bounce rate.

Gets Rid of the Pushy Feel

Many car dealer websites have quite a flashy appearance with complex designs that could convey a pushy feel to website visitors. On the other hand, if a simplified design is used, it will bring clarity that can result in boosting the stickiness of your auto dealer website

It is easier to blend calls-to-action with the ongoing conversation, with a simplified website design, and this reduces customer resistance to your sales pitch.

Increased Conversion Rates

Most car dealerships seem to be unaware of the fact that a clean website design improves conversion rates.

Your prospects will more readily understand your value proposition and better respond to your marketing initiatives when the website content looks clutter-free and non-invasive.

All these auto dealer website design changes can lead to increased conversion rates, and more car sales.

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