How Car Dealers Can Capitalize on Data-Driven Marketing

10 May 2019

Data is the all-important key that can unlock competitive advantage for auto dealerships. Marketing strategies that are powered by data now have an integral role in sales success.

Customers spend huge amounts of time online and they expect to be shown content that’s relevant to them. An auto dealer website that is unable to deliver content accordingly will quickly lose visitors. 

In this article, we’ll tell you how an auto dealer website can use data to power their marketing campaigns to greater heights.


Reliable Data

For a start, you need to ensure the availability of accurate and reliable data. This need to be applied at scale in order to see results.

The next step is the careful mining and application of your dealership’s CRM system. This gives automotive dealerships the ability to examine consumer trends and obtain actionable insights based on a large number of data points, thereby allowing automotive digital marketing agencies to make better informed decisions on where to invest the allocated budget.

Real-time Targeting

Prospective customers use a variety of devices for researching the new cars they’re interested in, including reviews from existing owners, checking up on running and maintenance costs, and so on. Despite this, well over 50% of these prospects eventually walk onto a showroom floor. This means that there is a huge window of opportunity with your auto dealership sales staff, when they meet these customers in person.

Dealership staff can use real-time targeting to compile data that can be used to offer relevant products and services, related to the current purchasing activities of these prospects. 

Many car dealerships these days also make use of Geo-fencing technology, where different data sources are used to identify information about the places visited by these potential customers.

The advantage of this technology is that it identifies prospects who have visited your neighborhood’s rival dealerships, allowing you to pitch them with better deals, as they are hot leads.

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