What is Conversion Rate Optimization and how can it help your car dealership?

30 April 2019

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one among the newer terminologies in the online automotive marketing space. Many industries outside the automotive sector have focused on conversion optimization for quite a few years now, and several businesses have even employed staff members who work solely to boost the company’s CRO

In this article, we’ll discuss why CRO is important to your auto dealership, and how you can work on improving it.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

The process of optimizing your website in order to compel more visitors to act once they arrive on your auto dealer website is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Car dealers have already accepted the fact that they need good, modern and easy-to-use websites, and merging that with a strong CRO strategy can put their auto dealer websites significantly ahead of their rivals.

Car dealerships invest quite a substantial amount of money and time into improving their website quality, and driving online traffic. Falling short in converting hard-won visitors can significantly impact their ROI.  This is where CRO helps in turning the dealerships' marketing budget into revenue generation, by converting more auto dealer website visitors into leads and sales.

Capabilities of CRO

When conversion rate optimization is implemented correctly, it will add noticeably higher levels of customer engagement to your car dealer website. This can push your visitors to complete conversion targets and will increase your lead capture numbers also. 

This can be about convincing your site visitors to test drive a new car, or persuading them to follow your car dealer social media networks, or even booking a car service appointment.

How is it Implemented?

Most conversion rate optimization processes only require the addition of a small piece of code to the car dealership website. This code snippet scans site traffic behavior and decides which offers or promotions with which to engage each visitor.

A car dealer website without CRO can be much like a showroom without trained salespersons. Your car dealer website needs good customer engagement, and CRO ensures that your website traffic is meaningfully engaged and better converted into qualified leads. Your sales team can then engage these leads, to convert them into paying customers.

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