Online Marketing Ideas for Your Car Dealership

03 May 2019


Here are a few ideas that will enable your auto dealer website to deliver excellent results in both the sales and service departments.

Automotive Online Marketing on YouTube

The key factor in being successful on YouTube is to establish your authority in the field. A practically guaranteed way of doing this is by putting up videos for all four stages of the purchasing cycle on your auto dealer website’s YouTube channel, which are:

1. Awareness

For the first stage, your dealership can put up "how to” videos. 

2. Interest

The next stage can be catered to by publishing videos that show how your automotive dealership is different from all the rest of them.

3. Intention

Videos that talk about different brands, models, trim levels, and so on can be used at the intention stage in order to help your new customers to decide which vehicle to spend their money on. 

4. Purchase

The final stage of a customer’s buying journey needs videos that show a walk-around of your car dealership and a brief intro or guide to the ownership of their new car.

Your Auto Dealer Website Must be a Car Community Hub too

Being involved in the local community is a big plus. Hosting a small car club meet every once in a while is a great way to meet influencers and use their Automotive Marketing reach to push your vehicle dealership to greater heights.

Go High Tech on Your Outbound Automotive Marketing Calls

A car dealer would normally need to spend quite a good amount of money in order to run an Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign. However, to perform a similar campaign using communication tools that are cloud based would require significantly lesser expenditure, mainly due to the time and manpower saved by automated processes. 

This could even include sending out automated messages that alert existing clients about upcoming or pending service appointments, product recalls, promotions, and so on.

Use Compelling CTAs

When it comes to the social media marketing initiatives of your auto dealership, ensure that the next Call-to-Action (CTA) you use is a compelling one. It should be sent to an audience that is highly targeted. 

This can be done by working with demographic data, their interests,  geographic location, and past buying behavior, among other factors. 

With better insights from this data, you can develop a loyal customer base and provide relevant and interesting promotions across multiple social media platforms.

Social media networks have been gaining popularity like never before. To capitalize on this and to engage better with your existing clients, new customers, and prospects, post videos of "behind the scenes” action at your auto dealership. This could include DIY (Do it Yourself) guides, simple car care tips, customer testimonials, and imagery of new and upcoming cars. 

All of this can be coupled with automotive digital advertising techniques for much more powerful impact.

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