Why is the HTML Sitemap of Your Car Dealer Website Important?

27 November 2019

A sitemap is a map of web pages that helps website visitors and search engines navigate your car dealer website.

We have two types of sitemaps - HTML sitemaps, and XML sitemaps.

HTML sitemaps are primarily for website visitors, whereas XML sitemaps primarily guide search engines to discover and crawl your web pages.

Car dealer websites will be using XML sitemaps for search ranking, but HTML sitemaps are also important. Here's why.

1: Helps in Organizing Large Websites

Your car dealer website typically runs into hundreds of web pages, including vehicle detail pages. The quickest shortcut to reach a destination page is the HTML sitemap.

2: Projects the Purpose of Your Car Dealer Website

An HTML sitemap is essentially a content map that can enhance your car dealership website’s value to your target audience. The keywords included in the sitemap can improve your website’s search engine optimization techniques, thereby resulting in better website ranking.

Using anchor texts in the sitemap can also contribute to an improvement in website SEO via inter-links.

3: Guide Search Engine Spiders to Navigate Your Car Dealer Website

Every website needs to be crawled by search engines, in order to get indexed on the search engine for online visibility.

An HTML sitemap can also help this process.

4: Reveals Web Architecture

HTML sitemaps are similar to the blueprint of your architectural project. It revels the structure and the underlying linkages of your car dealer website.

5: Improve Search Engine Visibility

Often, search engine spiders will not crawl all the pages on your car dealer website.

If your website has a well-planned sitemap, then the likelihood of all the pages being crawled increases, resulting in improved search indexation, and visibility.

6: Help in Inter-linking

Using an HTML sitemap, you can optimize your website to highlight preferred pages as authoritative pages. Interlinking other pages to these pages becomes easier.

For more information on HTML sitemaps and how to optimize it to promote your car dealership, Contact Us.

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