Forensic SEO: What, Why, and How it can Improve Your Auto Dealership Sales

20 November 2019

You may be missing more than 50% of potential leads, if your auto dealer website drops out of Google’s first page in local search results. To help you back, we need to focus on SEO techniques best known as Forensic SEO.

What is Forensic SEO?

Forensic SEO is about auditing your website to detect errors and missed opportunities that have led to a drop in search ranking and website traffic. It also detects negative SEO practices.

A forensic SEO audit is done on various sectors related to your website ranking, including server changes, external factors like link building, negative SEO, past and recent SEO updates, data changes, site integrity, Google algorithm effects, and more.

Why Forensic SEO?

Imagine your auto dealer website is performing well but all of a sudden, it loses search ranking, which hits your lead generation.

A forensic SEO audit will go to the root of the issue and identify the causes.

How can Forensic SEO help in Boosting Your Car Dealership Sales?

A forensic SEO will comprehensively diagnose the root cause of any drop in search ranking and web traffic, and arrive at a robust solution.

Once your auto dealer website regains it’s ranking in Google search results, web traffic and leads flow will be naturally restored, which results in more sales.

Why Disavow Toxic Backlinks?

During the forensic SEO process, you may have to disavow certain backlinks that are hurting your website ranking.

Toxic backlinks may even be the handiwork of your competition, and such links can do great harm to your website ranking, unless promptly acted upon.

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