12 Email Marketing Mistakes that Can Cost Your Car Dealership Potential Leads

19 November 2019

1: Not Sending your Marketing Email to the Right Audience

Before sending your car dealership email marketing campaigns, you need to research ideal buyers, since they can be easily converted into customers.

2: Forgetting the Importance of Right Subject Line

Your email subject line is the first thing that your prospects see. Make it simple, clean, and attractive, and you will see a marked increase in your open rates.

3: Using Non-personalized Email Templates

If you send the same email to everyone without personalization, then hardly anyone will be interested to read the email content. 

Personalize your car dealership email for improved leads. Address each of the recipients by their name.

4: Asking for Favors without Giving Anything

Email marketing works best in a ‘Give and take’ scenario. When you plan your email marketing, your opening email should be of some value to your leads, even if they have no plans to avail your services at that time.

5: Not Knowing Your Audience Well

It is important to segment your audience before sending them promotional email. There are several ways of doing it, but going by the sales funnel seems to be the most effective way. 

For example, a prospective who is about to buy may convert if you offer a limited-time deal, whereas someone who is still researching cars may walk in if you offer a convenient test-drive. 

6: Never be Boring

Always try to keep your email content interesting. Try to understand your customers’ behavior before designing your email.

7: Writing Long Email

Practically no one has the time to read long email. Keep your marketing email simple, attractive, easy-to-grasp, and always to the point.

8: Improvise

You need to look at your email analytics, understand what is working and what is not, and improvise your email marketing. If not, you are unlikely to get more leads for your car dealership.

9: Failing to Test Emails

A/B testing is an important email marketing practice and most service providers offer this facility.

Periodically test every aspect of your email marketing.

10: Spamming Your Audience’s Inbox

Avoid spammy content and all caps in your email. Email filters look for Spam, and if you trigger them with sales keywords, then your email will end up in your lead’s spam folder rather than the inbox.

11: Sending Just one Email

If you send just a single email, then you are not even scratching the possibilities of email marketing. Remember to send regular follow-up email to nurture and convert your leads.

12: Not Honoring Promises

Once you promise something over email, make sure to deliver on it. Never ever promise something that you cannot deliver to your customers.

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