7 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Car Dealership

17 December 2019

1: Plan Your Marketing

First things first - plan specifically for holiday sales in your local area.

Holidays can get you anywhere from 50% to 500% more business than usual, if only you will squarely target local Holiday sales. Your PPC ads, Email campaigns, Facebook ads, and Organic search marketing needs to be aligned to the event at hand.

Always include local holiday-related topics and keywords. Associate generic keywords like "Holiday Bonanza", "Christmas Gifts", "New Year Wishes", Etc. with events in your local area. If not, your car dealer website is unlikely to deliver this holiday season.

2: Understand Holiday Trends

Look for trends when planning your marketing. For example, more than 80% of your sales is likely to be initiated from your car dealer website. Another important trend is Mobile App + Social.

Pay close attention to social media marketing, and put aside a significant budget for social marketing.

3: Promote Your Content

After you create content, promote it aggressively on online and social media channels. Organic keywords are going to be hotly contested, and you will need to budget for Google Ads, Facebook ads, Promoted content, and more.

4: Be Responsive

Your content marketing strategy and promotions may be working really well, but if your car dealer website is unable to handle the traffic, then you are likely to lose a lot of potential business.

Pay attention to website loading time, page redirects, product display, VDPs, and more. Ensure that every telephone call is picked up and every email and social media direct message is answered.

5: Link to Your Holiday Campaign Landing Page

It is important to link to your main holiday campaign landing page. Browse through your car dealer website and use every opportunity to link to your holiday landing page from other pages.

Directing links from authoritative websites and local portals will also improve your search visibility, traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

6: Fine-tune Your Marketing

Once your initial holiday marketing action-plan is in place, watch it closely. Look for clues to know how your marketing has impacted consumers, and compare it with the previous year’s results.

Move the major chunk of your marketing budget to the performing campaigns on a daily basis. Remember, Cyber Week II, which is the time from Christmas till the New Year, is a big window of opportunity too.

7: Retain Holiday Content even after the Holiday Season

Do not take down your holiday content from your car dealer website as soon as the holiday season is over. You would have invested a lot of time and resources to create it, and would have received authoritative links to these pages.

Instead of removing the pages, just remove the links to your home page. Also consider maintaining the holiday section throughout the year. You can publish special events on this page from time to time.

For more holiday marketing tips for your car dealership, Contact Us.

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