What Car Dealers Need to Know About Email Marketing

12 April 2019

Despite all the advances in the world of digital marketing, Email Marketing continues to stay strong and hold its own in terms of results generated.

Customers today no longer respond to generic or mass marketing. Instead, what they look forward to is customized marketing that has a personal touch specifically for them. The appeal of Email Marketing is that it can do exactly that, as emails are highly customizable.

Now that we know the power and reach of Email Marketing, we’ll tell you a few pointers that are worth noting.

The Sender Name and Subject Line

Research has shown that the sender name field including the name of a specific person and the auto dealership’s name worked much more effectively than emails that were sent just from a person’s name or a generic dealership name. Changing your email campaigns to include this strategy could result in noticeably better opening rates and click through rates (CTRs).

On another note, it may be a good idea to avoid using emojis in the subject line. However, including the name of the recipient has been observed to have a positive effect in email open rates.

Include Clickable Links

Email that included links that the recipients could click on usually see a higher open rate. However, it must be done with care as emails that feature too many calls to action (CTAs) end up having much lower click through rates.

In fact, your car dealership can experiment with these parameters by  A/B testing your Email Marketing campaigns.

CTAs or Regular Links?

Prospective customers respond better to emails that contain more calls to action (CTAs) than other standard types of links. Research has shown that CTA clicks comprise around 60% of all email link clicks.

Your auto dealership’s marketing staff must ensure that the CTAs being sent out in your Email Marketing initiatives are direct, concise, and catchy, in order to maximize the chances of them being clicked on by your target audience.

All in all, CTRs and open rates are not the ultimate goal of Email Marketing. It is an opportunity for your auto dealership to connect with the right buyers, engage with them, and eventually build a strong relationship.

There are several ways of increasing the returns of Email Marketing, and periodic A/B testing will reveal the best ways that your auto dealership can maximize its impact.

For more information on Email Marketing ideas for car dealerships, Contact Us.

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