Integrating Voice Analytics with Car Dealer Websites

09 April 2019

The world of online marketing is ever changing. New vistas are being added to it all the time, and car dealers need to track them closely, in order to integrate them into their online marketing profile. 

One such model that holds promise is Voice Analytics

This technology is now used quite widely, in order to analyze sections of conversations that have been recorded using voice recognition tools. These tools identify the emotions of the speaker by analyzing patterns in the audio.

Integrating Voice Analytics with Car Dealer Websitesg

Why Voice Analytics?

We live today amidst big data and multiple screens, and customers therefore have a decreasing attention span and steadily increasing demands on their time. For car dealers who are looking to fine tune their online marketing profiles, this means much lower response rates. 

In order to continue receiving more responses, auto dealers need to adopt ways that will make it easy for prospects to engage with them. Once such technology is click to call functionality, working in tandem with voice analytics.

Implementing Voice Analytics

However, there are a few points that need to be kept in mind when implementing voice analytics. 

Start off by identifying business needs by taking into account factors such as the volume of voice calls. Outline your vehicle dealership’s targets clearly so that the expected gains you define are realistic figures.

You can identify those leads who have a high inclination to buy, as voice analytics recognizes words such as "in stock right now” or "appointment tomorrow”. Your sales staff can then quickly get the preliminary work done and be ready to meet these prospects and close deals.

Perhaps one of the most important features of voice analytics is that it allows for customer calls to be analyzed in real time. This is highly useful as it enables car dealers to take speedy action and quickly resolve any issues that arise. 

Voice Analytics and Customer Satisfaction

Additionally, voice analytics also makes it possible to reduce the risk of angry outbursts from dissatisfied callers as it can predict customers who could pose a threat. As soon as the system identifies such a customer and provides a warning, your auto dealer staff can quickly get to work on resolving the problem before it gets worse.

With click to call functionality and voice analytics, auto dealer websites will be able to really discover what matters to the potential buyer, instead of inferring this. From these responses, auto businesses can create better categorizations for analysis and also take into account customers’ sentiments for better results. 

More importantly, using this technique, it is quite assured that what the customer says is relevant and significant, as the information they provide is volunteered rather than forced.

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