3 Simple Ways Your Auto Dealer Website Can Save Money

23 April 2019

There’s absolutely no shortage of digital marketing tools available in the market today. All of them claim to work wonders for your auto dealership, and it’s no surprise that business owners scratch their heads over which one to license and use at their dealership.

Online marketing staff are expected to use multiple platforms in order to engage with existing and prospective customers so as to maximize the chances of converting them to new or repeat business. This means that car dealers have to work on streamlining processes and boosting efficiency in order to get good returns on investment (ROI) on marketing expenditure.

In this article, we’ll list out a few ideas that can help with that.


1. Don’t Crowd it Up

We’ve all visited Auto Dealer Websites where numerous marketing tools pop up the moment we land on the homepage. Being crowded with messages asking you to talk to a sales agent or chat with a bot, and so on is a guaranteed way of driving customers away.

In your physical showroom, more than one salesperson would never converge on a potential customer, so why should you let that happen on your auto dealer website? Having multiple tools integrated into your website not only costs more, it may well be reducing the number of leads that convert.

2. Get the Latest Conversion Tools

It makes no sense at all to use outdated technology in the fast paced digital world we live in today. Since auto dealerships  employ a wide variety of conversion tools on their websites, ensure that they are all connected and in sync with each other. Only then can Car Dealer Websites move prospects further along the sales funnel.

Conversely, if a potential buyer clearly expresses their intent online to buy, and he/she isn’t offered a test drive or financing options, the purchasing process gets interrupted.

3. Ensure Your Data is Connected

At most car dealerships, it takes way too long to retrieve data from the CRM system and plot a customer’s buying journey.

A connected data stream will provide car dealers with the information of which of their ads resulted in sales, and which ones didn’t. Centralized and more streamlined data dashboards powered with data analytics will give auto dealers the bigger picture and the ability to calculate ROI with a higher degree of accuracy.

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