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15 April 2019

The case with most auto dealerships is that they make use of both organic and paid social media campaigns to increase their reach. However, expensive paid campaigns may not be feasible for everyone.

Organic website content is the other way to promote your dealership. However, the effectiveness of your content marketing depends on the quality of your web content and how well it engages with your social media followers. 

In this article, we’ll list a few interesting organic content types that can help to increase your Auto Dealer Website Traffic.


Customer Reviews

Research clearly shows that over half of all car buyers rated customer reviews as the most important factor in selecting a particular car dealer. There’s nothing like positive customer reviews when it comes to boosting the confidence of your prospective customers. 

Testimonials from your existing customers can make a far greater impact on prospective buyers than any paid marketing campaign. That’s why dealers need to make positive customer reviews a top marketing priority.

News and Blogs

Those who are in the market for a new car are also likely to be interested in the goings-on in the automotive industry. 

Your dealer online marketing staff can take advantage of this and post interesting and relevant content about the newest launches, latest automotive news, shiny new car gadgets, and so on. 

This will also give your auto dealership more credibility as well as more search visibility.

Content Specific to Your Region

The vast majority of car buyers prefer to purchase their new vehicle from a dealership that isn’t too far away from where they live. Make use of this and regularly put up content and updates that have a connection with the area served by you. 

This will establish your dealership as a prominent local dealership, and can get you a good number of leads.

Contests and Promos

Running a contest is practically a guaranteed way of increasing engagement levels. 

People are always interested in giveaways and freebies, and they look forward to such things far more than reading long articles or going through the usual marketing offers. 

Conducting interesting contests can also help your car dealership in reaching out to new audiences and expanding its reach.

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