Auto Dealer Website Content Tips that Boost Traffic-02

16 April 2019

In the first part of this article series, we mentioned a few ideas to drive more online traffic to your auto dealer website through organic campaigns. This is an excellent alternative for those dealerships that are not able to spend huge amounts on paid marketing campaigns. 

In this article, we continue to list some highly effective yet easy tips that will result in more potential customers visiting your auto dealer website.


Share Your OEM Content

Sharing content that comes from the car manufacturer (OEM) has a double benefit for your auto dealership. 

Since the content is already ready, it can be a big time saver for you, as your staff won’t need to prepare fresh content from scratch. Additionally, the images used by the OEM are usually high quality, and can result in much better online engagement.

However, you need to edit the content to add location and dealer specific keywords.

Talk About Your Inventory

Publish posts that feature vehicles in your auto dealer inventory. In case someone who’s in the market for a particular car sees a post featuring the vehicle they’re looking for, it will definitely catch their attention and increase the chances of them contacting you. 

Once that happens, your dealership sales staff can then begin guiding them further down the sales funnel.

Work on Building Relationships

Put that extra bit of effort into creating personalized content for your clients. 

Keep in regular touch with them with greetings, messages, human interest stories that have a connection with your auto dealership, and so on. 

Studies have clearly shown that prospects are significantly more likely to do business with dealers who engage them on a personal level, as they like and trust these dealerships more.

Offers and Deals

While it may not be a good idea to post these too frequently, the social pages of your auto dealership must showcase the ongoing offers you’re currently running. You can even maintain a stream of blog posts that are shared between your car dealer website and social channels. 

Your auto dealer blog can also inform followers about news related to your car dealership such as any awards you’ve received, newly appointed employees, events conducted, and so on.

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