Simple SEO Tips for Better Ranking Your Auto Dealer Websites

26 April 2019

Search engine optimization (SEO) for car dealerships is a lot more complicated than simply making a few tweaks here and there. In this article, we try to give you some SEO pointers that your marketing staff can implement in order to improve the ranking of your car dealer website.


Deepen Your Familiarity with SEO Concepts

Even if you may not personally need it, you should still know the basics of SEO in order to help you make more informed decisions.

Understanding SEO concepts will also enable you to better evaluate the actual work done by your SEO team. In addition to this, you can also ensure that illegal or unethical black hat tactics aren’t used to artificially pick up your auto dealer website ranking figures, since it may lead to your website getting penalized by search engines.

Make A Few Simple Refinements

Many auto dealers still miss out on potential leads because of not following these simple tips.

§  Add socialmedia share buttons and a search bar to your car dealership website homepage.

§  Add around400 words of copy to the home page, and request your auto dealer marketing team to use it to include location specific keywords.

Focus on Local Keywords

Keeping your keyword focus local is key in car dealer SEO.

If your dealership is in Raleigh, it doesn’t matter if it has the highest ranking website in Phoenix. Use location-specific  keywords such as "New Ford cars in Raleigh” and make sure that your auto dealer website ranks high for these keywords.

Boost Your Online Reputation

Customer reviews really matter, and studies have shown that interested car buyers rely more on the opinion of those who have had previous experience with your dealership, than any other form of marketing. It helps a lot if you can leverage your existing customer base to add new reviews.

If there are any negative reviews, make sure that you respond to them quickly and efficiently. That way, prospective buyers who read the review will see that your auto dealership is willing to put in extra effort to resolve issues.

User Experience

Ensure that your auto dealer website has excellent usability on any platform. Additionally, SEO rules and algorithms keep changing and getting updated all the time.

Always be on the lookout for the latest changes, as it could be the difference between your car dealer website having great or terrible SEO ratings.

Your dealership marketing team has to constantly monitor your ranking and make the necessary adjustments on a regular basis.

More Ideas

As an auto dealership owner, you obviously want to register on Google My Business. However, before you do so, it helps to follow these pointers.

§  There are several categories even for car dealerships, so choose the one that best represents your dealership. In addition to making sure that all your contact details are correct, also be sure that you’re using a local phone number and not a number that begins with 1800.

§  If possible, also tie up with social media influencers in your neighborhood who can promote your car dealer firm to a much wider target audience.

§  Getting avirtual tour done is a great idea as well.

Don’t Ignore the Basics

Sometimes, in a rush to implement complicated changes, the basics are forgotten. It’s worth checking out whether your car dealer site includes the correct heading tags, meta titles, image tags and descriptions, and so on.

Also ensure that the page’s loading speed is high and it shows up well on all platforms.

Local Citations for Better Search Ranking

Any mention of your auto dealership online is referred to as a citation.

Approach your local business council and get listed in their business community directory. Having these local citations and links is a great way to strengthen your vehicle dealership’s authority in the region and boost your website’s search ranking as well.

For more information on SEO Basics, Contact Us. 

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