Trends in Online Marketing that your Auto Dealership Should Follow

01 October 2019

Online marketing is very much a dynamic concept and it changes very quickly. New trends that arise can have a severe effect on your marketing effort.

It’s important to understand what your target audience expects from your car dealer website. Only this way can you figure out how to handle your digital marketing initiatives. Read on to find out some of the current auto marketing trends that you can seriously consider incorporating into the marketing campaigns of your auto dealership. These pointers will help boost your car showroom traffic.

1. Live Video

Video marketing is definitely the in thing these days and it is showing no signs of slowing down. As prospective clients rely even more on social media platforms to get information about new cars, videos are continuing to play a vital role in their purchasing process. For new car buyers, the ability to see both the interior and exterior of a car that they’re interested in, as well as reading and listening about its features and specs, is a game changer.

Customers should feel trust. Only then will they respond to your marketing efforts. In addition to general video marketing, it pays to take advantage of live videos to promote special events, contests and so on. Such videos encourage viewers to engage with your dealership and will provide your car dealer website with a friendly, people-oriented image.

2. Voice Marketing

You obviously know all about the importance of SEO. However, optimizing for plain old search is no longer sufficient in today’s world. An increasing number of Google mobile searches are conducted through voice. As more people begin to actively use Alexa, Siri, and other personal assistants, the number of searches being carried out by asking questions is set to climb.

That’s why the website of your auto dealership should be optimized for voice search. The first steps in implementing changes can be done by optimizing for more conversational keywords that people might actually use while searching.

Think of the sort of questions you are asked over the phone and provide answers on your website. Be sure to keep an eye on changing search habits, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

3. It’s All About Data

Over the past few years, data is becoming more heavily used and it now has an increasingly important role in deciding the way car dealerships conduct business and in crafting their online marketing strategies. The sheer amount of quality data that is available is staggering, and it will only grow even more with time.

Using data, your car dealer website can figure out who your target audience is, and create a strategy designed to reach out to them.

The data that is accessible by you right now will be able to give you all of the information required to reach exactly those customers you want to target. Armed with all of the data available to your vehicle dealership, your online marketing initiatives can give customers the personalized attention that they expect and appreciate.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Last year, Facebook announced an area of its Marketplace that would be dedicated specifically to the domain of car sales. Auto dealers can integrate their chat support feature with Facebook Messenger, so that online prospects can interact with the dealership straight from Facebook. While it is currently unclear how much business will be driven on this new platform, it certainly is worth exploring it as it may help your auto dealership stay ahead of the competition.

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