3 Must Haves for Car Dealer Website Digital Marketing Success

03 October 2019

Successful online marketing for auto dealers is certainly a bit of a challenge. The website of a vehicle dealership is quite different from most businesses, and has to be treated differently if dealers are to see amazing results.

You need to optimize your site for conversions, and optimize it cleverly. Good SEO practices and paid ad campaigns are great to start with, but if visitors don’t end up converting, then your auto dealership is only getting a fraction of the value that it paid for.

Also, when you spend money on every single one of your online leads, you definitely don’t want them to leave empty-handed.
In this article, we will discuss three must-have features on your auto dealer website that will boost your lead conversion.

1. Geo Targeting

Targeting visitors based on their location lets you to optimize your efforts on prospects who are most likely to show up at the dealership. You can customize your offers based on what you know of your local clientele.

If your prospect is someone who stays in a rural area and does a lot of work related to agriculture, you know that they’re probably going to choose a pick-up truck.

On the other hand, a businessman coming in from a big city would be far more likely to go in for something that’s faster and chic.
Customize your offer presentation based on from where your visitors came from.

2. Car Dealer Website Design

This is one of the most obvious, but yet most overlooked aspects of digital marketing. If you’re trying to sell cars online, make the offers look good aesthetically as well.

Don’t ever have an ugly pop-up with garish colours. There are simple DIY tools that you can use to make your marketing campaigns look great.

3. Insights

If you don’t have any idea who your visitors are, your targeting strategy is likely based on a hunch, and unless you are very lucky, gambling on online marketing obviously has only slim chances of success.

Look for conversion tools that run intelligent learning tests on your website and collect information about your visitors. While Google Analytics will give you percentages of your traffic and how they behave, you need a data analytics solution that will analyze dealership data to tell you which segments of traffic are being overlooked.

Once you understand the prospects better, your car dealer website can make the right data-driven offer.

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