How Call Analytics Helps Improve Auto Dealership Customer Experiences

11 October 2019

When a potential customer wants to get in touch, they can email the dealership, connect on the auto dealer website, check out its social median channels, or even engage with a chat-bot. Consumers are eager to adopt new technologies and make more transactions online.

But even as these options continue to grow, there are still people picking up the phone and calling dealerships. Even in today’s digital world, the power and influence of the telephone shouldn't be ignored.

But how can dealers measure how effective the conversation was?

Other questions such as whether customer needs were met, the right services were offered and the agent who spoke was polite, need to be answered as well.

All of this and more can be measured by using call analytics.

Why Call Analytics

Call analytics can help an auto dealership understand what drove an individual to call the dealer, and this information can then be used to attribute leads and conversions, as well as optimize marketing messages.

Nearly 20% of all calls to dealerships go unanswered or are abandoned when calls are placed on hold for too long or because of confusing interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

AI-enabled speech recognition technology used in call analytics can truly transform the dealership customer experience. It allows auto dealers to understand the basics of a phone call made to a dealership such as how long it lasted, and whether a potential customer spent more than two minutes on hold.

By thoroughly analyzing these calls between customers and the dealership, call analytics can enable a dealer to make intelligent predictions about a call’s outcome.

Call Analytics and Marketing

With the information that call analytics provides, car dealers can get a better understanding of what happens with every call, and then quickly optimize their marketing budget and strategy in order to drive only those phone calls which hold a better chance of converting.

Even the usage of certain keywords that indicate a strong likelihood to buy can be picked up through call analytics.

Additionally, this technology can even help streamline and optimize the performance of your sales team. Vehicle dealers can confirm that sales agents are properly trained, and sales scripts are being followed to ensure leads are being closed successfully.

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