Traditional vs. Contextual: The Changing Face of Marketing

19 December 2017


If traditional marketing interrupts prospective customers, contextual marketing matches marketing to prospect’s current context and intent. 

The Contextual Magic

After researching some Crossovers, you switch to your favorite news site. Suddenly, Crossover ads show up next to the news content, as if someone is reading your mind.  That’s contextual marketing. 

If you are on Google, check the ads displaying alongside search results. If you are on YouTube, take a glance at the "Up Next” videos next to the video right now. You will find videos matched to whatever you are watching now, complete with ads. These are other examples of contextual targeting.

If traditional marketing is generally "Sprayed” in the general direction of prospects, contextual marketing is "Targeted" - it identifies the goals and habits of prospects, maps out an experience map, and triggers contextual messaging at different touch-points in the map.

In other words, if traditional marketing is about the product. Contextual marketing is about the prospect.

The Data-centric Dealership

If targeting the right person with the right car, at the right time is contextual marketing, then it takes a data-centric dealership to do it right. 

Who buys what, at which point of time is hard to figure out without data. Thankfully, the data is right there in your dealer systems. While it takes years of experience to manually sort through the information, technology now makes it available at the click of a button – thanks to massive advances in analytics.

Big-data solutions like FrogData can deliver the information to your laptop or mobile in near real-time. 

Once you have the information, you have to act on it and deploy meaningful, contextually ready content, which is where izmocars solutions make a big impact.

For more information on leveraging contextual marketing in 2018, click here.


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