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20 December 2017


How Social Purpose Can Help Dealers Outshine the Competition

No matter how large and generous your dealership is, it is highly unlikely that customers will drive 200 miles to buy their next ride from you, unless you happen to be in Las Vegas and your marketing partner is izmocars. (Yes, we have been there and done that, but that's another story :) )

Dealers exist in a local community. Any dealership that has a social purpose and context will matter more to the community than just another store-front going about their business. 

In a hyper-competitive world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to break out and create a truly unique identity, social purpose can indeed make the day for dealers willing to take the leap.

The Tesla Example 

No "Normal” cars., no dealers either. Yet Tesla managed to outsell the competition in a hotly contested segment, with an ad spend of about $6 per car. Yes, $6 per car.

How do you do the impossible? Simple, find another clever way of doing it. Instead of selling cars, Tesla sold purpose – from saving the world to making parking easy.

Dealers too can take a leaf out of Tesla’s marketing innovation, to create admiration and loyalty in their local communities.

Easier, Eco-friendly Servicing, Anyone? 

To begin with, what about your service scheduling? How can you make it easier for your customers, with the least disruption to their daily lives, while at the same time filling up all those slack slots in your calendar?

A pickup and drop offer from home or office in itself will make it a no- brainer for most folks. Who cares if it is a Tuesday, if the car parked outside is there for them when they step out of the office in the evening?

Next Level: Making F & I Easy and Friendly

A lot of prospective customers are weary about the F & I department, and some even compare the experience to visiting a dentist. How do you make things easier there?

Up Next, The Social Model

What the hot and happening charity event in your neighborhood? Be there and contribute all you can.

Plan co-branded social events. If feasible, help them to branch out into another social context.

For more tips on how social purpose can help your dealership, click here.


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